Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to get rid of bed bugs - safely, easily, and environmentally friendly

Bed bug
Bed bug infestations have become a problem in recent years.  People try to use poisonous chemicals and steam their homes in order to kill the bed bugs sometimes for a very high price.  Fortunately their is an inexpensive, effective, and safe way to kill bed bugs using a natural product called Diatomaceous Earth (DE)  DE is a mineral dust1.  Fresh water food grade is recommended since the other types are not as safe to use in the home.

DE works mechanically.  This means instead of poisoning the bug, it works by microscopically cutting into the bug and killing it that way.  DE, while very safe, should be applied using a dust mask or respiration equipment since it could irritate the lungs and cause respiration problems.

Food grade DE is added to wheat and other grains to prevent pest infestation.  DE is also used as a natural de-wormer in pets and livestock and as a dust for external pests such as fleas on both dogs and cats as well as lice and mange.

More is not better when using DE to get rid of bed bugs!  If the layer is too thick, the bed bug will not alk across it and will not have enough contact with it to kill it.  A VERY FINE layer is what is needed - you don't want the bed bug to realize its there until it's too late.  If you can blow the dust, it is way too much!  It may take up to ten days to kill the bed bug when applied thinly where the bed bugs are --- or not at all if you apply too much.

DE can be purchased in garden centers and nurseries (at least in the United States)    It is also used in gardening although caution should be taken when used in the garden - it kills the beneficial insects (and earthworms) as well as the pests.



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  2. I have a theory on Bed Bugs and the persons that I believe are more probable to be bitten by bed bugs. How can I get this theory published in certain medical books that deal with this infestation?


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