Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is Seattle preparing for a holiday arab terrorist attack?

NOTE:  This afternoon Seattle / King County Metro Transit has decided to reject the arab terrorist anti-Israel bus ads
SEATTLE -- King County Metro Transit officials announced Thursday the decision to halt all new non-commercial ads, including two controversial campaigns claiming Israeli war crimes and Palestinian war crimes.
Citing possible bus service disruption, King County Executive Dow Constantine said the proposed campaigns caused security concerns.

New years Eve 1999 was a planned millennial arab terrorist attack on Seattle's Space Needle which was stopped when the arab terrorist was caught while crossing the Canadian border into Washington State1

Now, either because of the arab terrorist group al qaeda's threat against American cities over the holidays the next ten days2 or because King County Metro Transit had planned on inciting racial tensions in Seattle3 Seattle is preparing for an arab terrorist attack and has stepped up security measures.

Today while in downtown Seattle (added:  I am at these locations every week day), it was the first time I have ever seen bomb sniffing dogs in the Seattle Downtown bus tunnel. There were also a presence of numerous sheriff deputies in the bus tunnel besides the ones that are normally there. Westlake and Pike Place stops had bomb sniffing dogs and the security / Sheriff presence was five times more than a typical day in Seattle.  This was before the announcement that Seattle / King County Metro Transit decided to reject the anti Israel bus ads. If the increased security presence is still there Monday, then it will be obvious they are preparing for a possible arab terrorist attack over New Years and likely during the 'New Years Eve Celebration At The [Space] Needle' or on New Years Day.

WASHINGTON (UPI) – Former CIA officials told United Press International that Southern California's Disneyland and Seattle's Space Needle were targets of foiled 1999 millennium bombing attacks financed and advised by Saudi millionaire terrorist Osama bin Laden.

According to these sources, who asked not to be identified, the plot came to light when a 32-year-old Algerian man, Ahmed Ressam, was stopped by U.S. Customs officials on Dec. 14, 1999, at Port Angeles, about 60 miles northwest of Seattle, after crossing the Canadian border.

When Customs officials began to search Ressam's car, he ran away but was caught several hours later hiding a few blocks away. But what U.S. officials found hidden in the tire well of Ressam's car was chilling: Ten 110-pound plastic bags of urea, a legal substance used in fertilizer that can also be used to make explosives.

There were also two plastic bags of the absorption agent sulfate and four small black boxes containing timers.

"He had enough material to make four or more bombs," said one former U.S. intelligence official.

On Dec. 28, Seattle Mayor Paul Schell canceled the city's New Year's Eve celebration including music, dancing and other festivities scheduled under the 52-story-high Space Needle because he said the threat of terrorism made it impossible to ensure citizens' safety. At least 50,000 people had been expected to attend.

The FBI made other public statements that there was "no specific information" that the Space Needle was in danger.

But former U.S. intelligence officials flatly said Schell's statement was "rubbish" and that the FBI had "plenty of indications" that the Space Needle "was a bin Laden target."

Ressam had reservations under the name of Benni Antoine Norris at a hotel only five blocks away from the Space Needle. Most importantly, U.S. investigators discovered that "Ressam had a map with other targets circled on it." The Space Needle was one; others were in California. One of these was Disneyland, one former CIA source said.

Especially chilling to investigators were the timers Ressam was carrying. According to a U.S. government official, they were made from a Casio digital watch that had been transformed into a timing switch. Such timers were the trademark of Ramsi Youssef, the mastermind of the World Trade Center bombing who had developed the Casio watch timer and a tiny "Mark II bomb" during his stay in the Philippines in 1994, sources said.

Just days before Christmas, the White House asked Americans to be vigilant this holiday season, warning of a possible -- though unspecified -- terror threat from Al Qaeda. The caution echoed a weeks' worth of warnings from law enforcement authorities.
King County (Seattle) Washington has decided to run anti-Israel / pro arab terrorist advertising campaign for a Seattle based pro-terrorist group.  Metro Transit, one of the major government operated bus lines in the Seattle area, has decided to accept money to have anti-Israel signs on the buses that claim Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza. [Note: they changed their minds and the arab terrorist / anti Israel ads have been rejected]


  1. People rarely censor speech they agree with.
    I have not seen the ads in question. Did they advocate violence?
    If so, they are not protected speech. If not, they ought to be protected regardless of how much one might disagree with their content. It is precisely political content that is protected by our First Amendment.
    Of course, if the busses were privately owned, no problem; government ownership of the busses makes censorship of the ads a First Amendment issue. How much better to have competing private bus companies! Mohammad's Mass Transit could have "anti" ads and Moshe's Mass Transit could have pro-Israel ads. Yes I'm a libertarian and a Ron Paul supporter. No, I am not "anti" anybody.

  2. Of course you are anti-someone. I bet you would be one of the first to complain if Seattle ran either pro homosexual or anti homosexual bus ads. Speech that promotes hatred of anyone should not be sponsored by the government. Now you have the greedy arab terrorist groups threatening to sue because their hate message was rejected.

    I am against pro homosexual or anti homosexual bus ads because both are inappropriate. I am against the arab terrorist bus ads as well as the anti "palestinian" bus ads - although if Metro chooses to run the anti Israel ads, they should, in fairness, run the anti "palestinian" ads as well.

    You are mistaken when you state people rarely "censor" speech they agree with. I disagree with homosexuality since it is a sin although I would definitely censor any bus ads that advertise for Westboro Baptist Church.

    Those of us are independent - especially INTJ - can see both sides of issues. Sometimes we have no opinion and think neither side should advertise because all it does is incite violence and hatred in society instead of bringing society together (for me it's the death penalty and labor unions - I can argue both sides just as convincingly). Divide and conquer is how societies fall. Only when societies come together will they survive - and running hate campaigns is no way to bring people together.


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