Sunday, October 31, 2010

Does Kaine Horman's court documents prove Terri Horman is not guilty of doing anything to Kyron ?

The court documents filed on october 25 by Kaine Horman and his attorney contained inflammatory statements as well as irrelevant information apparently obtained from law enforcement for the sole purpose of defaming Terri Horman.1

Terri's attorneys did the right thing in filing court papers on october 29th  stating Kaine was trying to destroy his wife - and this is being done at the expense of his children.  What Kaine and his amateurish attorney failed to understand is Kaine, while stating Terri was an unfit mother and he thinks she did something to Kyron, he defamed her in such a way to prove she could not have been behind Kyron's disappearance.  It also shows Kaine Horman is at least emotionally abusing his daughter and using her as a pawn in a divorce war.

In the court documents, Kaine Horman states that Terri Horman was "passed out drunk several nights a week"  and had "slurred speech and staggering gait", etc.  If any of these allegations were true, then Kaine Horman shows he is an unfit parent by allowing Terri Horman to drive his children around if he thought she was a "staggering drunk".  Why was Terri's alleged alcohol abuse not mentioned in any court documents until it was recently brought up on online message boards?

So if Terri was this drunk and could not function, how is it she planned the alleged kidnapping and "stashing" of Kyron without law enforcement having discovered any evidence during the four months since Kyron disappeared?   As an alcoholic that was always drunk as Kaine claims, Terri was could never have made a competent plan to either "stash" Kyron or to kill him without leaving an evidence trail that has not been discovered by now.  Terri Horman is not even a suspect so if she did anything to Kyron and got away with it while drunk, either she could get away with planning numerous perfect crimes when sober or law enforcement is extremely incompetent.

Kiara Horman needs to be removed from Kaine's custody for her protection.  The emotional abuse of her being used in a pawn for her dad's vindictive narcissistic rage is child abuse.  She needs a Guardian ad litem appointed to protect her and her interests.  Kaine Horman needs to be given a mental evaluation by a psychologist experienced in diagnosing Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  He is a danger to anyone that crosses him - and he is a danger to his children.

By his own words and actions, Kaine Horman is making it difficult, if not impossible, for Terri to be convicted for anything even if she was guilty.  He is also making it very clear he was the one behind Kyron's disappearance and this was nothing more than a divorce / custody scam from day one.  Read my post : Parental Kidnapping - not as uncommon as you think



  1. @42....Against reservations, I participated in this poll. (I had no difficulty voting in the other polls). A few more choices would be nice! I appreciate the ability to change my vote prior to the deadline!

  2. Hi,

    What other choices would you like to see?

    I wish I could change the colors and setup of it but it's blogger's poll and there is not many choices. I thought about asking about other family members --can't change it now it's open

  3. Well.... how about biomom & Kyron's stepfather being included in the poll? (in conjunction with any of the other choices)

    The colors and setup are fine.

  4. actually those choices I had strongly considered. I could always delete the poll and start it over - although then I would be accused of doing it because people think Terri was guilty.

  5. Maybe the next poll could include some choices about bio mom & step dad. I was just reading about the kid who disappeared back in '82, Johnny Gosch. Hope that's not what's going on here. We live in a sick world.

  6. the nightmare that Johnny Gosch was part of is the possibility that most frightens me. If Kyron is part of something like that, with various members of law enforcement involved as well as other prominent individuals who are "beyond suspicion" then we will never learn the truth about what happened to Kyron.

  7. Agree mj & Teresa...Fart diggetty dart.


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