Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yet another Multnomah County Sheriff's idiotic blunder in the Kyron Horman case

Instead of releasing the names of the 490 people they want to find out whether or not they were at skyline School on june 4, they are keeping them a secret.  Talk about another foolish and idiotic move on Multnomah County sheriff's part.

If someone did not see a person on the list, it does not mean that person was not there (who saw everyone there?) - and what if I saw that person in Seattle between 9AM and 4PM on june 4?  That would never be known because the list is top secret for "Skyline School Parents"   Even though the sheriff wants to know if people were not there as well as verifying those that were, they cannot find this out unless the list is made widely available.

Why is it okay for the sheriff and the media to drag Terri and her friends through the mud while investigating Kyron Horman's disappearance and yet ask nothing about Kaine's friends or release the names of the adults who were allegedly at Skyline School the morning Kyron Horman went missing?  It's obvious they have nothing on Terri Horman and are starting the investigation that should have been started on june 4.  Kyron Horman would be better off if his case was handed over to the cold case detectives who will do a better job than these bumbling clowns.

One has to wonder just how idiotic these investigators are and just how much overtime pay they will collect before they admit they are wasting tax payer money on a case they have found absolutely no evidence after six months of investigating.

This has got to be a reality show, balloon boy, or psychological testing - or law enforcement was Kaine Horman's sock puppets and are now realizing what idiots they have been listening to him and his divorce / parental kidnapping scam.

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