Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sheriff Staton setting up Multnomah County "feeler" taxpayers to give him more money for Kyron Horman searches

During the holiday season, it is the best time for the "feelers" to be suckered into donating for causes they "feel" are worthy.

Already the Kyron Horman case has grown cold because the sheriff and most of his investigators are "feelers" and are going by what Kaine tells them instead of the cold hard facts.  They have totally and thoroughly bungled the investigation of Kyron Horman's disappearance and will once again ask for more tax dollars to pay for more Sauvie Island searches (Why isn't the money donated for searches being used for searches?)

Kaine Horman's favorite media sock puppet (after they kissed his butt - see: Kyron Horman’s Family Boots WW and The Oregonian from Bizarre News Event ) Oregonlive has now spun the feely good "we are close to finding Kyron" garbage (with no physical evidence?) from the sheriff into yet another gaslighting event of Terri Horman (more discreetly done this time)

This article can generate at least two weeks of articles so today I'll stick to a few of the points and post more as I have time to think about the rest of it and put it together with previous quotes and articles.

In typical media fashion, this Oregonlive article will be revised and edited to take out the relevant details.  I've got the original saved as PDF if / when it changes to back up my quotes.
The sheriff is pushing for something to shake loose by Feb. 1, the end of a 120-day deadline he set for the task force and when he reports back to county commissioners about the status of an investigation that has cost nearly $1.4 million as of Nov. 29. 
In other words:  They are preparing the feely good tax payers to shell out more tax dollars to "Bring Kyron Home [For Valentines Day]"  --- this can be shown a couple of lines later:
They point to one undeniable fact: They lack any physical evidence of Kyron or physical evidence that links anyone to his disappearance

No evidence but they expect things to "shake loose" by february 1???  Seems like they KNOW Kyron will reappear after Kaine and Terri Horman's divorce hearing that was abated until january.  These two conflicting statements are very suspicious.

The prosecutors do not seem to know what the sheriff is hiding - they expect the investigation to go on much longer:
A grand jury heard from at least 40 witnesses, and continues to meet intermittently. The district attorney's office has an extra prosecutor assigned to the case through June. "Barring an unexpected evidentiary development" said Norm Frink, Multnomah County chief deputy district attorney, "the investigation is going to continue for months."  
Yet I thought the sheriff was strongly hinting something was going to "shake loose" by february 1.  Of course, the sheriff is looking at "all potential theories" - just as long as Terr Horman is at the center of it.
They must look at all potential theories: They suspect Kyron's stepmother's involvement, but did she pass the boy off to someone? Could the boy have been taken along the I-5 corridor and out of the country? They also must identify and interview child predators and sex offenders living in the area.
After six months, if the child predators and sex offenders have not been interviewed yet, it shows a complete incompetence and tunnel vision of those investigating Kyron's disappearance.  They also need to explain why they are spending so much of the tax dollars searching Sauvie Island.  After six months, Kyron is not out there wandering around pumpkin patches and christmass trees.  Talk about contradictory statements!
And, with "not one shred of evidence to indicate the child has died," Staton said investigators must push forward as though the child is still alive. 
Sauvie Island searching for a live Kyron?
As the criminal investigation proceeds, so does a search-and-rescue operation. Its braincenter is located in a small room down the hall from the "War Room." Marked-up maps of the West Hills and Sauvie Island cover a conference table; maps of Sauvie Island are taped to the walls, a map plotting cell phone towers around the school and Sauvie Island is affixed to an easel, and maps from the earliest searches for the missing boy are inventoried in cylindrical bins. 
"We don't have resources to just throw darts," said deputy sheriff Mark Herron, a search coordinator. Books titled "Lost Person Behavior" and "The Textbook for Managing Land Search Operations," cover his desk.
This entire Oregonian article was written for the gullible "feelers" who cannot see they are being duped.  Nothing new that was relevant was stated.  A few details of how they went diving to look at a rug ( "not one shred of evidence to indicate the child has died,") when there are hundreds of missing people or animals that die and end up in the river and creeks.  Why did they decide it was something for the Kyron search team to investigate and not another team that could have called in the Kyron team if need be?  Why dedicate the Kyron team to something that was not directly linked to Kyron especially since they ignored a child's bloody sock that was found a few months earlier?  (see:  Web exclusive: A bloody find on Black Butte and a broken system)

The searches are not even thought out.  They hint Terri Horman was involved yet there was no mud / evidence that she was in the muddy and wet fields on Sauvie Island - The areas they searched periodically through the summer were too wet for anyone to access.  Not only that, the fields have been plowed / planted / harvested and nobody saw any evidence of a body. See:  Is common sense being used on the Kyron searches?   and   Is the Kyron Horman case being used for psychological testing or brainwashing ?  and Tonight's Dateline program / Kyron Horman   

Sauvie Island Search - searching for a live Kyron?

The Sauvie Island searches are to manipulate the "feelers" into donating more tax dollars to Kyron searches.  There is no merit to the searches according to the words of the sheriff himself  "not one shred of evidence to indicate the child has died," Staton said   

 "We don't have resources to just throw darts," said deputy sheriff Mark Herron, a search coordinator
(this picture sure looks like "throwing darts" to me)


  1. I think we've missed an important detail about the SI searches. The fact of the matter is, the only areas MCSO is in charge of are Sauvie Island and Corbett. Corbett is a long way from Skyline School, so that leaves SI. We now know that MCSO primarily does SAR efforts. It's what they are good at. So the old saw, "When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail," explains the decision to treat Kyron like a lost hiker instead of a kidnapped child. The reason for SI was not the cell phone pings or that it was Kyron's favorite place but because IT IS THE ONLY PLACE MCSO IS IN CHARGE OF. Everything else in the erea is either Portland Police Dept or in another county or city. Why didn't we think of that before? The entire search has been based not on an investigation but the fact that Kyron is lost on Sauvie Island. Given this clarification, we can also understand why they don't have evidence against anybody. Unless it was near the school or on Sauvie Island, it was outside their jurisdiction.

  2. So it has to be Terri and on sauvie Island. It was bad enough their tunnel vision focused on Terri but to narrow it down to Sauvie Island because it's the only place they have jurisdiction shows how narrow minded they are in their thinking. Thanks for pointing that out - those of us that live in other areas either didn't realize that or did not realize they would only consider areas they were "allowed" to search in. Also explains why they ignored the child's bloody sock the law professor found a few months ago.

    It's just another reason the investigation should have been handled by the FBI from the start.


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