Monday, December 6, 2010

Will China's (Three Gorges Dam) dams lead to an earth wobble / higher risk of major earthquakes?

China is building dams like there’s no tomorrow. Over 23,000 large dams are under operation in China today. There are at least 11,000 more large dams in South Asia, including over 4,500 large dams in India. That brings the total of large dams in China and South Asia to over 34,000, which roughly translate into 70 per cent of the world’s large dams.
In a previous article (see:  Will China's Three Gorges Dam cause a major earthquake in California? and related link: China's Three Gorges Dam - GPS coordinates and maps )  I posted about the Three Gorges Dam and it being a risk factor for causing earthquakes (as all dams are)  I pointed out the earth wobble created by the 3 Gorges dam could cause an increased chance of an earthquake in California.  With the increase of dams building in Asia, specifically China, it is clear that if one dam can cause an earth wobble and risk of earthquakes, then 34,000 dams - or 70% of the world's largest dams - would significantly increase the risk of earthquakes in that area of the world and would cause an obvious earth wobble which may cause an increase in earthquakes in the rest of the world.  Just maybe this is the REAL cause of "climate change" (if there is one) ?

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