Wednesday, December 29, 2010

UPDATE: Is Seattle preparing for a New Years arab terrorist attack?

This is an update to the article  Is Seattle preparing for a holiday arab terrorist attack?  that I posted last week.

This morning riding the Seattle Light rail train into Seattle, at about 7:30 AM there were extra police and security at the International District / Chinatown station as well as a bomb sniffing dog .

There was also another dog and police / extra security at University Street Station around noon.

It appears they are still expecting a possible arab terrorist attack either over New years or they are taking precautions and will continue to keep the Seattle bus / light rail tunnel closely guarded from arab terrorism.  I wonder how they plan on stopping a truck bomb in the new viaduct replacement tunnel when it is built? (if it doesn't collapse in an earthquake or undermine buildings before it is finished)

Sort of wonder what was really behind last night's Seattle Sound Transit light rail power outage (see: Tonight's Seattle ( Sound Transit ) Light Rail Power Outage )

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