Sunday, December 19, 2010

arab terrorists repeatedly stab female tour guide and kill American woman tourist in Israel

 Israeli police said they were investigating a possible terrorist attack yesterday after two Arab men murdered an American tourist and wounded her tour guide in a forest outside Jerusalem.

On friday I posted about the Metro Transit buses in Seattle that will be carrying an ad by a Seattle based terrorist group condemning Israel for alleged "war crimes" in Gaza (see: King County Washington State running anti-Israel advertising signs for arab terrorist group ).  The next day in Israel two arab terrorists (likely "palestinians") attacked a woman tour guide and woman tourist (an American) in Israel killing the American and severely wounding the tour guide.  This was west of Jerusalem and not even in the West Bank area.

I challenge the Seattle arab terrorist group that publicly condemns Israel on Seattle Metro Transit buses for so-called "war crimes" to condemn this terrorist attack on two women including an American by two arab terrorists in Israel - otherwise they are hypocrites and will ignore any violence by arab terrorists and project the arab terrorism onto Israel.

If recent immigrants want to live in the United States they need to stop their hypocritical hatred against Israel and against Americans.  They want us to ignore the terrorism by arabs (9-1-1, Fort Hood, the shoe bombing attempt, the underwear bomb attempt, the Portland Oregon bomb attempt, the Space Needle bomb attempt, the Lockerbee bombing) and then spread their vile hatred and making sad attempts to condemn Israel for trying to shut down suicide bombers and missile launchers in Gaza that are used against Israeli citizens (including children)

The arab terrorist group in Seattle needs to stop their advertising campaign against Israel if they want americans to think they are really "peace loving" and "want to get along with everyone".  The advertising on Seattle Metro Transit buses is not the way to make people believe they are fair and peace loving.

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