Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kaine Horman's sock puppets have admitted what I post is fact - without even knowing it!

Much of what I have written as conjecture has now been confirmed as being true by Kaine Horman's sock puppets without their realizing they have confirmed Kaine's BDSM and steroid abuse (among other things I have written about) as being true.

It's unfortunate Multnomah County law enforcement is not smart enough to see it - but it is there clearly for any thinker to see.  Maybe one of the FBI agents saw it and will use it to break open the case --- if not, maybe the defense see it and will follow the leads in their own investigation.

Just like Kaine - the more they that they write, the more they let slip that what I post is fact and not just conjecture.  They so far have confirmed 90% of what I have written in this blog just by "opening their big mouths" posting in "defense" of their beloved Kaine. Anger them and they post - and being "feelers" they post without giving a second thought on what they are posting about.

It's also obvious they do not understand INTJ at all and that is what caused them to slip up and reveal what they have.  Of course, the "feelers" do not realize what they have confirmed - but it is there.  It is so glaringly obvious I'm surprised the media has not picked up on it.

The question is - will Kaine Horman or his taliban be arrested first?

I will not discuss what I know with anyone.  Those with the "facts" need to earn their own pay (LE would ignore anything I told them anyways)

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