Saturday, December 18, 2010

Did Kaine Horman take his divorce script against Terri Horman from his friend Brent's divorce case?

One thing that has been obvious to me since june:  This is a divorce case gone viral with Kaine Horman kidnapping (possibly even killing) his son Kyron Horman.  Parental kidnappings are much more prevalent than most people think (see:  Parental Kidnapping - not as uncommon as you think ) although most do not go viral / get the attention as in the case of Kyron Horman.  I'm quite sure nobody thought Kyron's disappearance would get the attention that it did from the start. (see: My alternate theory about the Kyron Horman case  originally posted on Oregonlive in june - although always immediately removed when I posted it which was one of the reasons for starting this blog )

Kaine Horman's facebook "friend" seems to be the source of the divorce script Kaine Horman is using against his wife (Terri Horman)  Kaine's facebook "friend" Brent James Samodurov went through a divorce in 2008 and the court papers read the same as the the script Kaine is following in his divorce case against Terri.1

In Kaines friend's case, his friend's wife Michelle accused (with reason) Brent of exposing himself to their children, attempting the rape of at least two women, being an alcoholic.  The court found Brent to be a narcissist and a liar.  With Kaine's apparent steroid abuse (see: Kaine Horman's steroid abuse ), he would do anything to get his way even if it means concocting an elaborate scheme to get custody of his child(ren)

Because this "worked" against his friend, it very well could be that Kaine Horman took his friend's case and turned it around and made the same accusations against Terri so he could get custody of Kiara (and kidnapped Kyron so Desiree would not regain custody of him - see Desiree Horman-Young : manipulated and deceived Sock Pupet or perpetrator ? ).  Kaine likely reasoned that if it worked against his friend Brent, it certainly could work for him.  It was not until months after Kyron went missing did Kaine Horman ever mention Terri was a liar or an alcoholic or was abusive towards Kyron Horman in any way.  It is quite certain to me he was following a divorce script in his increasing gaslighting and defamation of Terri Horman - and now it appears as though I have been sent the link to the script he was using in his divorce case (link below)
It has not been presumed that Brent drinks alcohol daily and that his drinking has habitually interfered with parenting; however, at least on one occasion, he was passed out or asleep in his oldest daughter's room and she was disturbed by the strong smell of alcohol. His drinking led to problems in his work place.

The father/Husband, Brent Samodurov, is very angry. The court finds that the father is a narcissistic individual with a sexual deviancy conduct in the recent past, severe alcohol problems in the recent past and attraction to pornography, which continues.

Although the court finds that the Wife tends to exaggerate and overreact, the court is persuaded by the major aspects of the Wife's testimony, such as: (1) the Husband's lying to her about the indecent exposure charge; (2) the Husband's telling the Wife of his addiction to pornography, (3) the Husband's telling the Wife about the Husband's going to Costco with the expressed intent to rape a woman, and (4) the Husband's telling the Wife what warning signs to look out for in his conduct. The court is persuaded that the Husband told these things to the Wife.
This document seems to be the source for the wording in the court document Kaine Horman filed on october 25th regarding Terri's visitation request with Kiara (see: What is going on with the Kyron Horman case? ).  It is not a coincidence Kaine Horman started making accusations against Terri in preparation for his divorce proceedings.  I always knew there was a script and his friend Brent seems to be the source of that script.

Brent Samodurov is the type of "friend" Kaine has on facebook, one wonders about the rest of his facebook sock puppets as well as his real life "friends".   It is unfortunate this is the type of people Kaine has let into his life and one has to wonder if they are involved in Kyron's disappearance in some way.  One has to also fear for Kiara Horman's safety if these same people are Kaine's friends in real life (as some of them claim)  One also has to wonder if Kaine's friend Brent Samodurov is involved in the BDSM subculture along with Kaine (see: Is Kaine Horman involved in Intel's BDSM sub-culture? )  and if he is involved in the sub-sub culture of BDSM with children since he apparently has no qualms about exposing himself to his own children (both girls and boys)  One also has to wonder if Kaine "stashed" Kyron with Brent in California where Brent moved to be closer to his own children.


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