Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why the United States doesn't profile when it should

Even though the United States has been attacked by arab terrorists and lives under a constant threat from arab terrorists, the United States refuses to profile and look for those who want to harm Americans.  This will eventually result on a major terrorist attack that will make 9-1-1 look minor in comparison.

There are a couple of major reasons why the United States will not profile and take a closer look at those who want to attack the United States.  While many realize it has to do with the history of slavery in this country and the resulting segregation, that is just one aspect of the anti-profiling sentiment and compared to the events of WWII - the most overlooked reason why profiling is politically incorrect (but necessary for our safety) - it is minor in comparison.

During WWII after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the United States profiled Japanese people living in this country and sent them to detention camps believing they may be a threat to the United States.  There is still a deep hurt and resentment for this although at the time, it was a credible threat and was necessary (although better provisions and protection of citizen rights should have been in place - I'm only pointing out the necessity and not the methods)  Like it or not, we were at war with Japan and it was unknown who was planted in the United States to combat us from within.

Back in the 1940's, there was no way to quickly check the credentials of people and to find out who was loyal to this country and who was not so the reaction of this country was more severe and widespread than what would be necessary today.   Because of the past, the "feelers" now feel bad about what happened and vow to not repeat history and even allow those with known terrorist ties to immigrate to the United States and board airplanes without special checks because they are afraid any special attention to those of a certain race or religious belief would be perceived to be the same of what happened to the Japanese people during WWII.  What these "feelers" fail to comprehend is that arab terrorists are fueled by fundamental islam and the enemies of the United States that will turn religious propaganda into a "holy war" against the United States and religious fueled hatred is more dangerous than political or social fueled hatred.

While their are many, many muslims that have immigrated to this country for a better life for their families, there are those that are here to infiltrate and create sleeper cells to destroy this country from within.  By profiling and weeding out the terrorists from those who want to live here peacefully, it will make this country much safer.   Because of the "feelers" who feel bad about what happened to the Japanese (and to black people during the civil rights years and years of segregation) we do not profile because the feelers, by looking back at history, believe to do so would be wrong while the "thinkers" see it is the only way to keep this county safe .  What they fail to see is the credible arab terrorist threat and while history may look back at it unfavorably, it is a necessity to the safety of this country at this time to profile those who may want to do us harm.

For the difference between "thinkers" and "feelers::  Terri Horman: "Thinkers" vs. "Feelers" and WWIII   and google MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) for more information on how people see the world.

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