Thursday, August 18, 2011

The confusing world of Kaine Horman and of Desiree Horman-Young and their herds of mentally unstable sock puppets

First Desiree Horman-Young claims that Terri Horman killed Kyron and there is "proof she hated him".  So all of her sock puppets blame Terri for Kyron Horman's death and claim she abused and tortured him.  This is routinely fueled by Desiree's emotional rantings of how law enforcement showed her undeniable proof.

When these sock puppets are confronted with Terri Horman's time line (see: Terri Horman's time line  ) and how she did not have the time to kill Kyron and dispose of his body in the muddy fields and be seen at two Fred Meyer stores and the gym when she was, then they claim Terri handed Kyron off to helpers.

OK- Terri allegedly hated Kyron and brutally murdered him (with no evidence he is dead) and she also handed off a live Kyron off to helpers???  This is contradictory.  If Terri hated Kyron and killed him, then who would help her cover it up?  Her time line proves she did not kill him and dispose of him.   If she had a helper, it is extremely unlikely they helped her kill and / or dispose of his body.  Since Desiree wanted custody and if Terri no longer wanted Kyron around, she could have easily helped Desiree obtain custody or made sure Kyron spent most of the summer with Desiree (Kyron disappeared two weeks before summer vacation) 

Desiree swings between saying Kyron is dead and Terri murdered him (precluding a helper) even though Terri did not have the time to dispose of his body or Terri stashed him and handed him off to a helper (precluding the "Terri hated him and murdered him" theory)

If Terri had a helper or helpers, then where is the evidence of the planning? and how could she have planned anything if she was always "falling down drunk" as Kaine claimed?  (and if she was always drunk, why did Kaine allow Kyron and Kiara in the vehicle with her?)

If Terri could have had helpers and planned Kyron's vanishing, then so could have Kaine Horman (who did not want Desiree Horman-Young to regain custody) or Desiree Young (with the help of her police detective husband Tony Young and his "brothers in blue") because she wanted custody and Kaine said 'no'.

Kaine Horman stated in his memo to Intel coworkers that Kyron vanished before 9:30 AM even though roll was not taken until sometime after class started at 10:00 AM.  Also Kristina Porter, Kyron's teacher, told Kyron's classmate Tanner that Kyron "may be using the restroom or getting a drink of water" and did not follow through with looking for him when she took roll.  This is EXTREMELY  important and yet none of Kaine Horman nor Desiree Horman - Young's sock puppets considers it significant (yet they have no problem claiming that Terri allegedly did not make Kyron's lunch that morning is very significant)  How did Kaine Horman know Kyron was gone before 9:30 AM when roll was not taken until sometime after 10:00 AM ??? and why did Kristina Porter not look for Kyron when he was not in class during roll yet had thought he was in the restroom or getting a drink of water?

Some people are so tunnel visioned on Terri Horman being guilty of a horrendous crime (Even though they cannot even state what the crime is) that they cannot see the inconsistencies in what they believe

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