Tuesday, August 23, 2011

narcissists Kaine Horman and Desiree Young and their mentally unstable sock puppet herds

We have been told Terri Horman hated Kyron and killed him.  Then the timeline did not fit so she had help so then she obviously did not kill him but had him killed by countless accomplices so obviously she did not hate him enough to kill him herself or maybe she just stashed him away but then the contradicts the statements she hated him and harmed him but she could not have because she did not have the time --- but wait a minute- her accomplices must have shared her hate of him and killed him or maybe they just stashed him away because she hated him enough to “do unimaginable harm to him:” but then again if he is stashed away that proves she did not hate him or do unimaginable harm to him as narcissists Kaine Horman and Desiree Young claim.

Next we were told Terri acted impulsively and killed him but since she did not have time she had accomplices at a seconds notice that would kill him for her and keep quiet but then we were told it was well planned out and Terri planned it for months although that would have been next to impossible since we were then told she was falling down drunk every night but what became of her well planned scheme to kill or kidnap Kyron by herself or with countless others?

This is just as confusing as those who believe Terri Horman either stashed or killed Kyron either alone or with help on impulse or well planned out.  Those who believe this contradictory crap will believe anything – as long as Terri did ‘IT’ (whatever ‘IT’ is)    Next we have searches for a body at the same time placing Kyron’s pictures on trucks to send cross country to find a live Kyron – at the same time being told there is credible evidence to search near Skyline School (for a body) that never happens.

One thing narcissists love to do is to blame the worlds problems on their scapegoat even if there is no evidence their scapegoat is guilty of anything other than not obeying the narcissist. This is what Kaine (and Desiree) do to Terri and their “Golden Children” (AKA sock puppets) lap it up and believe every lie they say no matter how contradictory they are (this is what victims of narcissists do)

Kaine Horman did something to Kyron. He either murdered his son to cover up sexual abuse or he stashed him away to keep custody because he was afraid Desiree was going to ask the court for custody as well as child support. Dr. Pickle has an opposite view and believes it was Desiree that kidnapped Kyron as revenge from what Kaine did to her in the past.  I can see this since Desiree filed a restraining order against Kaine when filing for divorce and feared he would kidnap Kyron and her older son by a previous marriage although I think this is yet another motive for Kaine (IE: revenge) Both Dr. Pickle and I agree that Desiree is mentally unstable and likely has been for years and we both believe she was in a mental institution or recovery center when she went to Canada “for treatment” when Kyron was a baby.

 Another interesting thing about victims of narcissists (sock puppets) is that they will defend the narcissist and protect their abuser even to the point of attacking and sometimes even killing those who come against their narcissist abuser.  This is why those who use social media to harass and stalk others as well as plan vigilante efforts have become so dangerous especially in this case. Those who blindly follow and support Kaine Horman and / or Desiree Horman-Young are brainwashed just like those in nazi germany were brainwashed by Hitler

Even when Kaine is arrested, his mentally unstable sock puppets will defend him and somehow deflect the blame onto Terri: This is what victims of narcissists do and are good at. They do not care how irrational their beliefs are:  If their narcissist leader says it, they believe it no matter how contradictory or neurotic it is.

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  1. Nice to see you are still On The Case. I had pointed arrows toward Kaine and his adopted relatives/family before on different threads and sites. Kaine's sock puppets as you call them, happen to be the searchers as they call it, and know his family personally. They would harass myself or anyone else on the thread who dared look into Kaine, until the subject was restored to demonizing Terri Horman. It was so aggravating I decided to take a breather. Kaine has some connections to the Oregonian and/or other media outlets - that's my theory. I still remember reading that he made a deal with the Oregonian to publish articles, but shut out the Willamette Week. Very interesting. There's the movie Citizen Cane, and he loves his sled he named Rosebud. Well, one of the searchers called herself 'Rosebud' on one of the threads - media mogul .....wasn't the Oregonian hurting for subscriptions and sales were down, before Kyron disappeared? And how many hits did KATU and other local sites get on their websites for covering the 'news'??? Oregonlive is the one connected to the Oregonian I believe.


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