Thursday, August 11, 2011

Off to the second year

Yesterday was the first year anniversary of this blog.   Well over a million page views and counting.  Readers from nearly every country on the planet (including North Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala,  and other countries one would not expect to attract readers from)  Also many readers from many other countries - some I had to look up on the map because I was unfamiliar with where they are.

I, as everyone else except the one who kidnapped him, certainly hoped Kyron Horman would have been reappeared by now - although sometimes parental kidnappings are never figured out especially when law enforcement has chased down the rabbit trail of the wrong parent for over a year.

The second year of the blog should be interesting.  I'll continue to post about Kyron Horman whenever there is something new to post about otherwise I'll post about whatever I'm thinking about or something in the news I want to post (IE: vent) about.pretty much as I have been doing recently.
Several have asked whether or not I'll post about other cases.  Generally missing people / murder cases do not interest me.  For example, I did not follow the Casey Anthony case.  The previous case I followed I actually solved (and posted about it on another forum when I found out some facts proving I was right and I was called an idiot  - yet several months later, the truth came out and what I had posted was proven to be correct)  I'm not saying I'm 100% correct about Kyron Horman -- the previous case I had facts to prove I was correct -- and in Kyron's case. I only have theories and opinions (except I do know Kaine's nursery owner friends were well acquainted with the landscaper in the alleged murder for hire plot and Kaine was involved in selling steroids and is/was also a user)

As for Kyron, I hope he is safe although he is only one of hundreds of missing children and I wish they were all safe at home (Especially Rachanda Pickle - my friend Dr. Pickle's relative)  The media focused on Kyron and not the other children who are missing likely because of the bizarre behavior of the birth parents as well as the atypical reactions and events in this case.  This and the media manipulation by Kaine Horman and his media relations coordinator makes it obvious there is more to this story than a missing child. 

Onward and upward.  Hoping Kyron  is found and the one responsible for vanishing him is held responsible (if it's Kaine, the only charge he will likely face if Kyron is safe is lying to law enforcement.  Desiree would likely only face lying to police and custodial interference)

Just think, if Oregonlive would have let me continue to post uncensored, this blog would have never existed.  A very big Thank You to Kaine Horman's media sock puppets (especially Oregonlive) for the success of this blog!

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