Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova between earth and sun = earthquakes

As previously posted, comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova (AKA Honda) is closest to the earth this past week.  I predicted it would cause earthquakes including a magnitude 7.5 somewhere in the world.  While the preliminary reported showed a 7.5, that earthquake was downgraded to a 7.3

Today comet Honda is directly between the earth and the sun - and today an extremely rare earthquake of a magnitude 5.9 rattled Washington DC centered in Richmond, Virginia.  This was expected --- and it is also expected that comet Elenin (C/2010 X1)  will cause more and stronger earthquakes - even in places where earthquakes are rare or not expected to ever happen.

Honda will start losing its influence on the earth by the end pf the month - just in time for C/2010 x1 (Comet Elenin) to start having a major influence on earth (it is already affecting earth now)  Most of Elenin's influence on earth will be from mid september until november 1 ---- and then asteroid 2005 YU55 will be as close as the moon from about november 6-12 and will be closest on november 9.  YU55 has a chance of hitting either the arth or the moon or being captured as a satellite.

Of course I have not yet mentioned another asteroid - 2009 TM8 - that will be a little over the moon's distance from earth on october 17.    This asteroid is small at about 8m wide and would not cause widespread destruction even if it hit earth (although you would not want it to hit your house!) --- while YU55 is 175 m and would cause major damage even if hitting in the ocean (due to tsunami)

I expect there to be another earthquake in Washington DC  ---- and one that will cause major damage.   Due to its orbit, comet Elenin will affect earth much more than comet Honda.  God is judging america for going against Israel and forcing Israel to give up land to terrorists.

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