Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why I am no longer an organ donor

In a medical ethics course I took as an elective while working on my masters degree, we had a discussion on organ donation.  At the time I was leaning towards being an organ donor and even had the organ donation heart on my drivers license even though I was a little uneasy about it. 
Over the past few years, I have thought and prayed about it and came to the conclusion that organ donation is something I want no part of - either as a donor or a recipient.

The whole idea of organ donation seems to be anti God.  And for those who do not believe in God, it is also anti evolution beliefs.  For those who believe in God, He will heal you if He wants you healed and if He does not, there is no treatment you can seek that will change His will.  This goes for organ donation or cancer treatment or numerous other treatments.

Sometimes God will allow a healing even though it was not His will to heal.  People will disagree with this asking 'Isn't it always God's will to heal'  The answer is 'yes and no'.  Yes, God wants everyone to live in Eden and without suffering.  Unfortunately because Adam willfully ate the pomegranate, that will not always happen since his disobedience brought sin and suffering into the world.  The 'no' comes in because God knows the future.  Someone asks why their newborn child died and blame God for their child's death.  They believe God does not love them and sometimes curse God for it.  What if they were to find out later that because God knows the future, He took their child instead of allowing that child to be kidnapped and tortured for years before dieing a slow death.  They would then see God as a merciful God (this has nothing to do with Kyron Horman so don't read more into this than the example it was meant to be)

To me, organ donation has become a "I'll do it my way instead of God's way".  It seems to be an act of arrogance especially because, in most cases, it mans someone must die for the organ to be harvested.  This is, in a wide view, the same as killing unborn babies for their stem cells.  It's a narcissistic act.  Many on transplant lists have shown narcissism in demanding people give them their organs.  One tv story I watched those who demanded people be forced to give them their organs showed me the greedy narcissistic side of some people: They wish others to die so that they may live (while not accepting Messiah Yeshua's death and resurrection to atone for their sin so that they may live a second time)

It is ironic that many who demand others give up their organs to them are agnostics (no such thing as an atheist - atheists are super narcissistic agnostics) since evolution believes in 'survival of the fittest'.  These self professed evolutionists seem to think that they are an exception to this and that they should survive at all cost - even at the expense of the life of another - even though they are not fit enough to survive without modern medicine.  So an honest evolutionist that believes in the survival of the fittest should accept, if they ever became ill enough to need modern medicine to survive, that they are not one of the fittest and should not survive (according to their own beliefs)

Those who believe what God says should trust God for a miracle instead of cannibalizing someone else that has died in order to spend more time on earth.  Yes - if you need immediate attention, seek it - but if it is something that is a decay process accept what God has for you either a miracle cure or accept that your time has come.  As for cancer treatments, most I have seen have not made any difference or cause the cancer to spread and made it worse.  Organ transplant patients most need anti rejection medicine for life and some develop the characteristics of the person who donated the organ.  If this were from God, anti rejection medicine would not be necessary.

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