Monday, August 15, 2011

Another answer to a private post

Regarding Desiree Young's alleged trip to Canada supposedly for kidney treatment:
No, I do not know what kind of kidney treatment someone with very good health insurance would travel to Canada for that leaves them with $30,000. in medical bills.  This was why I think this is bogus and why it may be a story to explain away her disappearance for awhile.  Of course Desiree could have been in a mental institution and that could explain why she never re-obtained custody of Kyron and why Kaine told her she could not have Kyron (this could explain why she kidnapped Kyron if it was her instead of Kaine that vanished him)

Yes, I read the Oregonian article about the racing truck Kaine Horman purchased to "keep Kyron's face out there".  It's obvious he is abusing the Kaine Horman Foundation donations and using it to purchase toys for himself instead of searching for his son.  Quite sure even most of his sock puppets would not donate to his foundation if they knew he was using it to buy toys and not to look for Kyron.  Then again, there are many deluded people out there that believe every lie out of his and Desiree's mouths even when they contradict themselves repeatedly.  It must make them feel better to throw their money away feeling it may help bring Kyron home even if they know deep down it is a lie.

I'm not sure about Oregon law.   I'll ask Dr. Pickle if he knows - if not, he has some contacts in the legal field he can ask.  In Washington State, there is no state grand jury except in rare circumstances.

None of the truth haters are Christians.  They are more like nazi's and believe everything their puppet master tells them.  They are as brainwashed as those in nazi germany were brainwashed by hitler.  I seriously doubt any of them could think themselves out of a paper bag if their lives depended on it.

Have made a couple of trips to Shoreline.  Picked up some interesting information.  Not ready to post about it yet.

I'll be down in Portland sometime within the next few weeks.  Will be staying a few days with Dr. and Mrs. Pickle.  Will look around Skyline school and the area as well as take some mileage and drive times as well as do a few other errands.  May hike a little in the Skyline / Forest Park area although I do not think Kyron is within 100 miles of there (unless his dad has him stashed back at home - hidden in "plain" site)  May have a chance to meet with some people while I'm there so leave your email (I'll keep it private) and I'll email you the details.  If you want to join us on hikes / "searches" that may work out too. 


  1. There are a couple of reasons I can think of that might make sense concerning why a person would go to Canada, or any other country, for medical treatment. And this would be for Kidney problems, or any other health problem......could Desiree have simply liked a doctor in Canada better? Were there better treatment options in Canada for her particular problem? Did she suddenly become ill while visiting Canada and find herself unable to travel home? That happens more often than one might think......and WHERE in Canada? It's a big place. I had a kidney infection once. It was one of the most painful, debilitating things that has ever happened to me. It cleared up with IV antibiotics, and I am extreemly grateful that it has not been an ongoing problem.

  2. Insurance would cover medical treatment in another country especially if becoming ill and needing emergency / critical care treatment.

    With the doctors in Seattle and Portland including medical schools, it's doubtful there would be "better" treatment in Canada unless it is an experimental treatment not approved in the United States.

    If it was for a particular doctor, that is a poor reason to spend an extra $30,000. for besides the insurance would have covered it.

    Besides experimental treatments, the only other medical treatments not covered by insurance are elective cosmetic surgeries. None of them take a two month recovery time unless something goes wrong and hospitalization is necessary. Or, of course, private treatment centers for addiction and/or mental disorders people want kept off their insurance records (which are not bound by doctor - patient privileged)


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