Thursday, August 25, 2011

Will Hurricane Irene be God's judgment on america?

God is angry with the united state.  This was a nation once blessed:  a one nation under GOD (and everyone knew that meant the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel / Jacob)  After the terrorist attacks of 911 (a u.s. government operation carried out by u.s. operatives), and president Bush said his "god" was the same "god" as the muslim, hindu, and budha "god", that was the nail that sealed the fate of the united states.  GOD is not allah, He is not one of the hundreds of the hindu "gods" and He is not budha.  This country chose to follow a demon "god" on 911.  This carried over to MLB games that sing " "god" bless america"  - and they mean the ecumenical "god" of president bush and not the Creator Of The Universe - Adonai, the I AM.

President obama is a judgment on america and he has led this nation down the path to destruction - because people believed his lies and chose the ecumenical demon "god" and turned their backs on the God of the bible.

President obama has increasingly put pressure on Israel to give up more land.  He has told Israel that if they do not apologize to Turkey for the terrorist flotilla attack in which Israel defended their county, then obama (and the united states) will support a u.n. resolution creating a terrorist state in Israel.

The 5.8 earthquake in Virginia two days ago was a warning.  Unless the united states repents of the wickedness that has overtaken this once great nation, there will be more and more judgments.  Hurricane Irene's current models show a direct hit on the east coast of the united states.  The previous model showed it missing the united states.

Time is very short.  Today is the day of salvation.  Either accept Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah and obey God or prepare for the worst seven years in human history.  After the rapture and you choose to follow God, never accept the mark or microchip that will be forced on you.  You will need it to buy or sell but to accept it is to seal your eternal fate and is not worth it.  Best to accept Yeshua as Messiah or if you refuse that, at least prepare to survive without accepting the mark that the government will force on you.

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