Sunday, August 7, 2011

When will Kaine Horman and Desiree Young actually SEARCH for Kyron?
Kaine Horman seems to think all the searchers are too busy "finding lost hikers and campers" to search for Kyron.  In the mean time, he is attending scheduled functions to sell his "Kyron" trinkets (tee shirts, wrist bands, necklaces, etc.) to "Raise money for the searches" ---- searches that NEVER take place.  The only time the UNPAID volunteer searchers have been called out was in the middle of the rainy season / winter and then they were only able to dive and search a limited area.  Many SAR (Search And Rescue) are busy doing nothing but training because the snow pack is so high this year and fewer people are able to hike / camp so fewer are needing rescued.  Why is Kaine Horman not out actually SEARCHING for Kyron himself???

The searchers are all unpaid volunteers.  They come out whenever the Multnomah Sheriff wants them to search.  They were unable to search for Kyron due to the weather while at the same time were able to search for the body of Yashanee Vaughn?  The weather / conditions were the same yet they refused to call out searchers for Kyron while they called them out to search for Yashanee who they knew was dead.  Also why is Kaine and his buddies not out searching for Kyron?  They seem to have enough time to attend events to "raise money for searches" that never take place but do not go out and search themselves like Yashanee Vaughn's family did?

Why does Desiree Young not rally her facebook hater mob to go out and search for Kyron instead of organizing hate rallies against Terri Horman?  She says she wants to find Kyron yet she refuses to search.  I know she is afraid of getting lost but her mob will never let her get lost ---and her excuse that law enforcement did not let her does not hold water since they allowed (and actually gave instruction) to Yashanee Vaughn's friends and family when they were searching for her body.

When Kyron first vanished, Terri Horman was organizing facebook searches and created a flier to help find Kyron yet Desiree Young's posters are not to search for Kyron, they are to harass Terri Horman - and only placed in Terri Horman's hometown of Roseburg, OR and not even around the area where Kyron vanished.

I still believe this was a parental kidnapping by either Kaine Horman or maybe Desiree - and the other one suspects it - that is why both birth parents refuse to search.  Before the truth haters ask why Terri Horman is not searching : Terri has a restraining order against her preventing her from searching - plus if she happened to find Kyron just by coincidence, nobody would believe she was not guilty. 

Dr. Pickle and I thought about organizing a search but fr the same reason that we would be accused if we happened to find anything, it's best we do not search either.  My opinion is if it is a parental kidnapping by Kaine (as I strongly believe) or by Desiree (as Dr. Pickle believes) then Kyron is most likely alive and stashed somewhere.  If he was stashed by one of his birth parents, he could be in Germany (or Shoreline, WA) if Kaine took him or in Canada if Desiree took him.

Does anyone know how long Desiree spent in Canada after Kyron was born?  I have another way out theory that could explain a lot of things.  I may post about it in the next post just to see what reaction I get to it.

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