Monday, August 8, 2011

Need information about Kyron Horman's birth parents

Need information for my next post.

How long was Desiree in Canada for "medical treatment" after Kyron was born?  and for what condition?  Is Kyron for sure Kaine's biological son or could he be detective Tony Young's biological son and he and Desiree were trying to gain custody so Kaine vanished him?  (if this was the case, I fear Kaine may have killed Kyron)

Did Desiree ever go to college and, if so, what was her degree in?

Does anyone know if Kaine has traveled to Germany in the last six months?  Does Kaine deal directly with the government in his position at Intel?

Does Kaine Horman ,  Desiree Young. or Tony Young have any close contacts in Washington DC?  Has Tony Young ever disappeared for any length of time with a "logical sounding" (but illogical when you think about it) excuse why he was gone?  Has Kaine? (we know Desiree has - and this could mean something very important)

Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking about this case?  It's starting to make more sense.  If my next post (or this one) gets plutoed, then you will know we are right - and we will have a big part of the answer.

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