Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More odd statements by Kaine Horman


I was trying to get a couple of things verified before posting comments on this article although I likely won't be able to get the information until I'm in Portland over the weekend.

A couple of comments stood out to me in the article:

Kaine Horman commenting on Terri Horman:
“They’ve looked at many different angles on this case. She’s one of them,” he said. “She’s also one of them that we haven’t been able to rule out and she’s also one of the ones that has absolutely refused to cooperate.”
 For months Kaine Horman and his first wife (that we know about) Desiree Horman - Young have stated that Terri is guilty with no doubt.  The above statement shows Kaine is not so positive that Terri is guilty.  It also contains his lie that Terri has refused to cooperate.  Law enforcement, Kaine Horman, and Desiree Young, up until the day of the failed murder for hire sting, stated Terri was cooperating.  They even "leaked" to the media that she took three polygraph tests (they "leaked" that she failed two and walked out on another --- even though she may not have failed them)  Law enforcement stated numerous times Terri was cooperating.  Now, after the failed murder for hire sting and Terri hiring an attorney law enforcement must go through her attorneys to question her.

After Kaine filed for divorce from Terri, he submitted evidence he allegedly obtained from law enforcement to support his filing of the restraining order - "evidence" law enforcement refuses to provide to Terri Horman's attorneys.  Why would Terri Horman or her attorneys want to cooperate with law enforcement if the information is going to be immediately given to Kaine Horman to use against his wife in the divorce he filed for?  No person in their right mind would willingly give information that will be provided to their spouse to be used against them in a divorce case.  We have seen all the crap and trash Kaine has "leaked" to the media during his divorce filings including information he allegedly obtained by law enforcement.

Kaine also claims Terri is ONE of the people that have refused to cooperate.  Kaine is so quick to name Terri and point his finger at her, why is he not naming the others who refused to cooperate?  He is publicly trashing the woman he spent eight years with, trashing her through the media,  and providing information allegedly from law enforcement to the media about her and yet fails to even mention the other people who are not cooperating?  Maybe one of the ones "not cooperating" is Kristina Porter - Kyron's teacher who obtained an attorney three days after Kyron vanished and refused to answer any questions?  Terri `cooperated for a month until the failed idiotic murder for hire sting and divorce filing and the attorneys she hired told her to stop talking.  If it were not for the murder for hire sting and divorce papers, Terri would still be cooperating (and answering the same questions a million times)

Kaine said he plans to hold more public events in the coming months to keep Kyron on people’s minds.

“We miss him. This should’ve been done a long time ago,” he said. “He should already be home.”

From the above statement, Kaine Horman does not expect Kyron home for at least several months and expects Kyron to be found alive.  To me this further sounds like Kaine has Kyron stashed and will reappear him when his divorce is finalized and he is assured of getting custody of both Kyron as well as his and Terri's daughter Kiara.  The comments sound like this is nothing more than a birth parent custody kidnapping.  Also, why is he so focused with "keeping Kyron on people's minds" (fund raising / public events) and not focused on spending money on billboards, ads, and actually going out searching for Kyron?  How is spending $120,000. on a racing truck with Kyrons picture on it helping more than printing out 1,000 fliers and posting them around town and paying for billboards where thousands will see his picture?  The Kaine Horman foundation seems to be more about buying toys for Kaine than it does to search for his son (and he still has tax exempt / charity status?  Why is his bogus foundation not being investigated yet???)  Also why has Kaine Horman not increased the reward fund to find Kyron?  What happened to all of the good weather searches with so much "credible evidence" to warrant a search"  Are they waiting for the rains / snow so they can have an excuse to call them off - or to send dive teams out looking for him?
“We’ll probably be looking for additional photos from the day of, that day. Whether or not anyone in there is someone of interest or not, let’s go get them all,” Kaine said.
If this was not done a year ago, it's a little late to be thinking about it now.  That's what happens when you waste a year following down the rabbit trail of the wrong person - you lose out on subpoenaing the school phone and computer records as well as obtaining any pictures that may possibly be relevant.  If Kaine does not have Kyron, his year of finger pointing towards Terri without looking at any other possibility likely cost him his chance of ever seeing Kyron again  (I strongly believe Kaine is the one that vanished Kyron although a good friend thinks it is Desiree and I can see that is a possibility as well)


  1. I had questions about Kristina Porter, too; since, if Kyron were my son, I probably would have sued the school by this time. This is the first I have heard of her lawyering up and not talking. There are still several things I do not understand about Terri though; since Kaine is obviously being not-so-nice about the divorce, why doesn't she, or her attorney, just come forward with everything she knows about Kaine? Believe me when I tell you that the average estranged spouse in an hostle divorce situation, like this one, would, in the event that a spouse was involved in a kidnapping, give the police ANY and ALL information asked for. And then some. Also, how is the court actually granting another restraining order? There are women who have been killed by very obviously abusive spouses and exes because they cannot get anyone to grant a restraining order. So I really have to wonder what unshared evidence or statements are behind that.

  2. I'm in Portland now and will be doing some investigations while here.

    The restraining order was granted because it was not contested. If it had been contested, it would not have been extended. Since the judge had nothing from Terri or her attorneys, it was a rubber stamp granted.

    It is my belief a few months ago (in the hearing that was mentioned by the media but no details made public) that Terri was granted visitation with Kiara and the judge put a gag order on it.

    We do not know what Terri or her attorneys have said to either law enforcement, the judge, or even the district attorney because neither she nor her attorneys have "leaked" it to the media. They do not do so because the media are Kaine's team players and have done nothing to show they would play fair with what Terri gave them. The media have sold their souls to get Kaine and Desiree's "leaks" and would never treat anything what Terri or her attorneys gave them fairly.


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