Monday, August 8, 2011

Response to a post that the person wanted kept private

First, I want to make it clear that I'm not Terri, I'm not related to her, never met her,  and to my knowledge never even met any of her friends or family.

From my understanding of the restraining order as it was presented in the media, Terri is not allowed to search because she is not allowed near Kyron so if she searched and found something, she would be in violation of the restraining order.  The restraining order prevents her from contacting Kaine (and reverse from him contacting her so that is why he was violating it with his rants against her in the media)  I think it is possible for Terri's attorney to have investigators searching for Kyron or tracking down where he could be hidden.  I doubt, knowing little I do about her attorneys, that they would be searching themselves (but you never know)

I would not be afraid of being accused if I found something since law enforcement would have to prove I was in the area and I haven't even been in Oregon since 2008 (and I never knew where Sauvie Island was until after Kyron vanished and I looked it up on a map)  I know law enforcement reads my blog - at least sometimes.  I know this because the day after I posted about law enforcement and steroids someone from Multnomah County Sheriff's office accessed the link to this blog from their Outlook on their Sheriff department email.

My biggest reason for not organizing a search is because I strongly believe either Kaine or Desiree kidnapped Kyron.  If Kaine did kill him, then he would definitely not dispose of his body in the local area.  The places law enforcement did search the few times they did, it seemed they knew Terri could not have been involved since they were rapelling down cliffs and going so far into the woods Terri never would have had the time (nor the equipment /ability to rapel down cliffs especially carrying a body and watching her daughter) nor was the truck reported spotted parked along the road / woods.  Remember the entire area was wet and muddy in june 2010 and there was no evidence Terri was out wandering in the mud.  Kiara should be old enough to have said something by now

The analogy I used for Yashanee Vaughn with Kyron's case is valid.  Yashanee's friends and family were allowed to search knowing they were looking for a body.  If they were out searching for Kyron on Sauvie Island or the woods now, they definitely are not looking for a live Kyron.  Neither Kaine nor Desiree searched EVER not in the beginning when they were looking for a live Kyron nor now when they would be looking for a body.  They raise money for searches that never take place and they refuse to search - something is definitely wrong with that picture.

Terri could know something or she may suspect something - I have no way of knowing - and that could tie into my new theory I'll try and get posted sometime monday or tuesday.   It could also explain why law enforcement didn't talk, why the family did not talk for a week, and why the FBI was off of the case for several months.

To Private Poster:

If you leave your email address, I can email you - will not post your email address and am keeping your post private as you requested.

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