Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why must we "persevere" to remember Kyron Horman?

From another blog unrelated to this one:

The only thing that we, the public, can do, is to remember – each in our own way. It takes effort, but we must persevere.

Why must we - those who are totally unrelated to Kyron Horman and never knew he existed before he disappeared - persevere in remembering him?  Yes, it's tragic he disappeared and it is unknown what happened to him and we should be concerned when children go missing.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of children disappear every year so why are we not told to persevere in remembering each and every one of them as missing individual children yet we are told we must remember Kyron?  Why are we not being told to persevere in remembering Lindsey Baum, Teekah Lewis, or Rachanda Pickle or any of the other missing children?  Why is it so important that some social media sits insist we have to think about and remember Kyron each and every day but nothing about remembering any of the other missing children?  why is it as soon as the news dies down about Kyron Kaine Horman leaks something to the press and they print it? like the media sock puppets they are?  Neither Kaine nor Terri's attorneys leaked this and the only part quoted once again shows Terri in a negative light (with no facts backing it up)
"My son, Kyron, has been missing since June 4, 2010. I do not know where he is, if he has been harmed, or if he is alive. Local and federal law enforcement agencies are currently investigating my wife, respondent/Terri Horman, for her involvement in Kyron's disappearance. Terri Horman will not cooperate with law enforcement and will not assist in the search for Kyron. I believe that Terri Horman is responsible for Kyron's disappearance.

After Kyron went missing and the investigation began, law enforcement officials informed me that my wife had attempted to hire our landscaper to kill me for money. I obtained a restraining order against her to protect myself and my daughter Kiara. Respondent/Terri Horman is a substantial safety threat to me and to my family. She has manifested a desire to physically harm myself and my family, and I fear she will continue to try to harm myself and to (sic) my family."
 Yes - I know the question - 'If you are writing about others "persevering": remembering Kyron, then why do you?'  The answer:  I'm concerned about Kyron and all missing children.  The Kyron case is very strange and the mystery surrounding all the strange actions / reactions by the birth parents, law enforcement, FBI, and the media as well as the mentally deranged individuals who are set to burn Terri at the stake with no evidence is too huge of a mystery for me to ignore.  If everyone acted the way they reacted in other missing children cases, Kyron Horman's disappearance would have long ago became a non-story except on the anniversary of his disappearance just like all of the other missing children cold cases (and sometimes they do niot even get coverage then if it was very long ago)

It is still my belief that Kyron was vanished by one of his birth parents - more likely Kaine although I could see Desiree and Tony (with help from his brothers in blue) vanish him so the Youngs could have custody of him.  If Kaine found out about a doctor's appointment he did not approve of, he could have vanished or killed Kyron to cover up the fact he was molesting him.  I could see either scenario being true.

I do know regardless of what happened to Kyron, Kaine Horman is building resentment up in Kiara and she will learn to hate and distrust him for what he has done to her by keeping her away from her mother and using her as a pawn. 

Before I'm bad mouthed for not "persevering" to remember Kyron Horman on a daily basis, how often do you "persevere" to remember Lindsey Baum, Teekah Lewis, or Rachanda Pickle? (I bet most of you had to google them to see who they are)

Oh yes - the modified restraining order was renewed for a year.  How un-classy for Kaine to include the part about his daughter when it no longer applies.  Obviously this was the reason he "leaked" it to the media knowing quite well his media sock puppets would lap up his crap and publish it without verifying it.

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