Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Was Kyron Horman's vanishing a CIA operation or because of a CIA operative parent?

I've been thinking about this theory for awhile.  I was not going to post it although someone said something to me the other day that got me to thinking this may be a very likely scenario.

First a little background.  While an undergrad, I was being recruited for a position in the CIA.  Part of being a CIA employee is secrecy.  When you are hired by the CIA, they give you a cover story to tell your friends and family because they do not want anyone associated with you to know you are a CIA employee / agent.

I think it was on Oregonlive before I started this blog that I posted how strange it was that Desiree Young went to Canada for medical treatment and allegedly for kidney problems.  To me, this was very strange.  At the time she allegedly went to Canada for medical treatment, she was still under Kaine Horman's medical insurance coverage at Intel.  This is extremely good medical insurance.  In Oregon and Washington, there are experts in kidney disease and treatment.  It is a very unlikely scenario that someone with extremely good medical insurance would need or want to go to Canada for medical treatment.  This entire story was fishy to me from the time I first heard it.

Next - Desiree claims she would go out searching for Kyron if law enforcement let her.  Law enforcement does not prevent people from searching for their children.  Also Desiree was too well scripted and I posted as much several times even to the point where I stated, numerous times, this could be a balloon boy episode, a real life reality show, or a psychological test of some kind.  Another explanation is that Desiree (or even Tony Young or Kaine Horman) is a CIA operative.  This would explain the secrecy surrounding the case from law enforcement and would explain why the FBI stated from the start they would use social media for the first time in this case.  It would also explain why Kaine Horman's immediate thought was to contact his employer's attorneys even while law enforcement thought Kyron was lost in the woods and would be found shortly.  It would also explain why the media became Kaine Horman's sock puppet team players and print everything he says like it is gospel.

I think if this is true, it would explain why there are so many people blindly supporting Desiree Young and Kaine Horman online and will back all of their conflicting statements.

I'm not convinced this is true although it is an alternate theory and that is what this blog is about.  I still believe it was a parental kidnapping / custody issue by either Kaine or Desiree (although the two theories are not mutually exclusive.

So could Kaine Horman, Desiree Young, or Tony Young be CIA agents?

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