Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yet another gaslighting event - this time DeDe Spicher is the victim

People magazine ran a story where Dede Spicher said she does not believe Terri is guilty in disappearing Kyron.  As always, immediately after any media runs a story that does not point to Terri's guilt or defames her, yet another story comes out to discredit it and make Terri look guilty again.  The Oregonian (tabloid based in Portland Oregon  - online known as oregon Live) ran a story linking to a PDF file allegedly by Dede's ex boyfriend Jason Wishert.

In his little rant to the oregon live, Jason Wishert claims Dede is gullible and was likely suckered in by Terri.  he did a good job pointing the finger at Terri's guilt even though he claims he never even met her.

Yet another narcissistic idiot in Oregon, Wishert said he told Dede to not volunteer for a HOA position she previously held after she became unemployed - yet thinks nothing about his volunteer work.

Wisehert's letter to Oregon Live is a classical gaslighting of a narcissist speaking about his "scapegoat" :
"she's wonderful BUT"

"She wouldn't do this BUT"

Here is a good article on gaslighting:

Yes, it seems like there are many narcissists in this case.  This is not coincidental.  Narcissists are attracted to people they can control and manipulate.  Unless one understands the dynamics of narcissism, narcissist's victims are vulnerable to falling victim to another narcissist and narcissists seek out those whom they can victimize.  It's a vicious circle and is why so many people end up in serial relationships instead of finding a healthy permanent relationship.

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