Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Oregonian Continues to gaslight Terri Horman

No news to report on the Kyron Horman case so Kaine Horman's "team player" - the Oregonian - a tabloid in Portland Oregon, has taken it upon themselves to continue to "investigate" and report on Terri Horman and trying to "prove" (as tabloids do) that Terri Horman is guilty and Kaine Horman (their "team captain") is innocent.

For those who do not know how Kaine Horman has manipulated the media (as I previously posted about) Please read this article before continuing on:     It is obvious that the Oregonian promised to be a good "team player" in order to be "allowed" to cover the story whenever Kaine speaks - just like a good little sock puppet.

If one did a search of Kaine Horman's background, you will find he was molested by his grandfather, he has had boyfriends off and on since high school, and he is also controlling, manipulative, and narcissistic - much worse than Terri.

Kaine Horman cheated on his first wife (Desiree) when she was eight months pregnant.  He cheated on both his wives with his boyfriend.  Desiree was scared she would take Kyron and her son from a previous marriage when she filed a restraining order against him.  Why would she have thought her son from a previous marriage was in danger of being kidnapped by Kaine unless their was a reason?

It is obvious the Oregonian is milking the "cash cow" of the Horman story (via page views, clicks) and is only publishing tabloid garbage to keep it going and keeping the blame pointed towards Terri Horman.  Any legitimate media would look at ALL angles - including Kaine Horman - instead of turning into a tabloid and digging up dirt on the soon to be former wife of a narcissistic control freak who is the one who most likely disappeared his son (if it was not a stranger abduction)

When will the Oregonian do an expose of Kaine Horman's upbringing and mention his child molesting brother as well as the likelihood his grandfather molested him as he did his brother?  When will the Oregonian publish the fact that Kaine Horman was cheating on Terri like he cheated on his first wife (Desiree) --- or is terri his third or fourth wife?  When will the Oregonian publish the details about Kaine's boyfriend and the types of activities they are involved in?

The Oregonian has proven themselves to be a tabloid that publishes gaslighting and defamation of Terri Horman.  They are no longer a news publication but a publication of soap operas and gaslighting by a husband and those who have an agenda against Terri (ex husbands, ex in laws, etc.)   

The Oregonian does not allow anything to be said in their comment section about Kaine Horman or even mention the possibility that he and his boyfriend may be involved in Kyron's disappearance - but people are free to speculate or even state that Terri killed Kyron or was responsible for his disappearance even though Terri Horman has never been named a person of interest let alone been named as a suspect.

It's time for the media "team players" to leave Kaine Horman's "team" and start being legitimate news sources and investigate him for Kyron's disappearance.  It is time for law enforcement to start investigating Kaine and his "team players" and sock puppets and find out what happened to Kyron.  All of them have foolishly followed Kaine's rabbit trails because Kaine promised they would find Terri at the end of them - and they haven't.

Why is it law enforcement releases details about the search for Lindsey Baum but refuses to release anything about Kyron's disappearance?   I'm still thinking this may not be a real investigation since law enforcement is not acting like law enforcement has always acted in other investigations.

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