Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another press conference scheduled

As previously stated in this blog, whenever something does not go Kaine Horman's way, he retaliates.  Yesterday the judged postponed the hearing he was trying to use to manipulate the legal system - an end run around the criminal investigation.  Because Kaine did not get his way, he and his previous wife (Kyron';s mother) have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to try and get people to refocus on Terri's "guilt" (never mind there are no FACTS pointing towards her guilt - just a malignant narcissist control freak soon to be ex husband's media "leaks" of lies and half truths)

Will it be informative or yet another dog-and-pony show gaslighting and defaming Terri?

By her own admittance, Desiree was blaming Terri for Kyron's disappearance even before she arrived in Portland.  Terri was under suspicioun from the first hour which Kaine and Desiree will not let anyone forget.

When will the media and law enforcement (as well as all the gullible fools who believe Kaine Horman) wake up and realize what a malignant narcissist he is and how he is manipulating them into believing what he wants them to believe?

Has anyone recently checked Kaine's house and see if he hasn't reappeared Kyron yet?

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