Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sleazy Character of CW Jensen

KGW spokesperson CW Jensen , former Portland Oregon police captain / homicide detective has decided Terri Horman is guilty unless proven innocent.  From the early part of the Kyron Horman investigation, CW Jensen has decided to place a "psychological noose" around Terri Horman and "tighten it until she cracks"

Jensen has recently stated that the alleged murder for hire plot is very important to Kyron's disappearance because   "it paints a picture of Terri's Character"` 1.  Jensen acts like he has all the answers and believes Terri Horman is guilty.  By everything he has said leads one to believe he has inside information and that law enforcement knows she is guilty and is just trying to "line the ducks in a row" to get a conviction.

Many people believe Jensesn because he was formerly a police captain and homicide detective -so he would "never lie", right?   Only in a perfect world (and in a perfect world, police are not needed)

CW Jensen had a shaky career as Portland police captain.  In 1999 he allegedly claimed reimbursement for meals he was not entitled to be reimbursed for and he instructed subordinates to do the same.  While being investigated, he went on medical leave for job related trauma as well as an alcohol problem claiming it made him unable to work.  While on medical leave, he became a reporter for KGW in Portland (Belo / NBC affiliate)

When Jenesen's disability benefits were about to run out, he claimed he was better and wanted his job back.  This reopened the investigation for the fraud.  While undergoing psychological investigation to see if he was able to return to work, he gave conflicting statements about his medical condition so the department was going to fire him.  Jensen immediately said he was not fit for duty and went back on disability - which prohibited the department from firing him.  He then went on to work for KGW as well as speak on infomercials. 2

Since Jensen's action paints a picture of HIS character, I find it very likely he is Kaine Horman's paid sock puppet (spokes person)  He is no way objective and would lie to get his job back so he would definitely lie for money to defame and gaslight Terri Horman.

Supporting documents:

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