Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The ever changing stories to make Terri Horman look guilty

For the last 1-2 weeks, it was reported that Dede Spichter (friend of Terri Hormans) left her job "unexpectedly" at lunch time --- 11:15 --- and returned at 1:00 so she "had to have been guilty of something" in Kyron's disappearance because her co workers could not reach her on her cell phone.  The area she was working is reportedly infamous for it's poor cell phone reception yet they make this into a huge issue.

The time line does not fit.  Terri Horman left Skyline School between 8:45 and 9:00 AM and apparently has a receipt from a local Fred Meyer store for 9:12.  She was at they gym at 11:20.   Just when is she suppose to have done anything to Kyron?

Last night Terri's emails showing the above time line was reported by KATU TV.  Today it is reported Dede's coworkers really didn't mean she left at 11:15 but left at 9:45 AM instead.  They are changing their stories to make Dede and / or Terri appear guilty. 

Once again it is being shown Kaine Horman is controlling the media and they will continue to report what he wants them to because he only gives interviews to the media that are "team players"

Every time the media or law enforcement says something that makes Terri look like she may not be guilty or reports something and doesn't defame Terri in the process, a new tidbit of (mis)information is released that would show Terri is likely guilty --- even if it totally contradicts a previously piece of (mis)information.  I am saddened with how many gullible foolish people there are that cannot think for themselves and will buy into it.

Law Enforcement better wise up and realize they are being fed a pack of lies by a malignant narcissist that wants to punish his wife and his ex wife for crossing him.

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