Saturday, August 28, 2010


8/19/2010   At the same time, Terri fired off long e-mails to Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, peppered with complaints.

"She was venting about the teacher and why she should have her job," Desiree said, "and she was venting about Kaine — everything."

8/27/2010 “Speaking for myself, she was a great actress,” said Desiree. “I never knew she was unhappy in any way shape or form. But I didn’t live with her.”

So which is it -  Terri regularly fired off long complaining emails to Desiree or Desiree never knew Terri was unhappy

On 7/16/2010, Kaine was asked:

Q: While you have said your marriage suffered after Kiara's birth and Terri's post-partum depression, was there any talk of separating or divorce before Kyron disappeared?

A: Yes there was but we worked through them in a positive manner (at least that was my impression.)

8/27/2010 When asked how he would describe Terri, since by all appearances in her Facebook photographs she’s a loving, devoted mother and loving wife, Kaine said that was the image she wanted to portray to him, too.

“That’s the image I saw,” he said. “Much more so in the beginning, not so much towards the end, but that’s how she came across to me at least for the first four or five years: very loving, very focused on children, wanting to do the right thing, and then it became much more about her and a lot more selfishness involved; how she was, I guess, apparently unhappy with our marriage. But yet, not willing to work through it or talk to me about it.”

Which is it:   they talked about divorce and worked through it in a positive manner, or Terri was unhappy and was unwilling to work through or talk about the marriage problems???

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