Friday, August 27, 2010

Once again, Kaine controls and manipulates the media

Instead of the press conference, Kaine and Desiree will be giving one on one media interviews.  How much they will give each media will be dependent on how good of a "team player" (AKA sock puppet) each media entity has been.  They will also spin their stories differently to each media outlet depending on what they want that media entity to report.   Confusion and control are manipulative tricks of a malignant narcissist.

The media needs to wake up and see how they are being manipulated.  Kaine complains he doesn't have enough "time" and how going to court twice would be a hardship so how does one on one media interviews with several media outlets (five? six? seven?) instead of one press conference save him his "precious time" ???  The courts had better see this manipulation for what it is.

By giving many interviews instead of just one Kaine will be able to claim he was taken out of context when the different media outlets report different versions of the same event - of course the reporting he doesn't like will be the one(s) he will claim was taken out of context.   The off camera interviews will also be protected and can not be used as evidence against him (court just upheld the right of reporters to keep their notes private - even during a murder investigation) since it will not be a real news conference as previously announced.

Law enforcement better wise up and start investigating Kaine Horman.  The media better wise up and see how they are being controlled and manipulated.  The courts had better open their eyes and see how justice is being manipulated --- Kaine Horman has plenty of time to go to court twice if he has enough time to give several media interviews instead of giving just one press conference.

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