Monday, August 23, 2010

The Oregonian admits to being Kaine Horman's Sock Puppet

via Oregonian affiliate KOMO TV in seattle
Law enforcement and prosecutors have a responsibility to share information with victims and their families concerning ongoing investigations, as well as an obligation to warn someone who might be in danger or is being threatened.

"And if the families later reveal some of that information publicly, I don't think the law enforcement officials have done anything wrong," said professor Tom Lininger, who teaches a University of Oregon Law School course about the legal profession, with lessons on the Model Code of Professional Responsibility and Code of Judicial Ethics.

Oregon's ethics rules for lawyers prohibit prosecutors from making statements about an investigation if they're likely to be disseminated widely and be prejudicial, meaning they would make it harder for the accused to get a fair trial, Lininger said. But Oregon's ethics rules don't clearly regulate the indirect disclosure of information to the public, via the victim's family, he said.

The Oregonian is admitting what I have said all along: All the information from the investigation "leaked" to the media is coming from Kaine Horman, Desiree Young, and Tony Young.   They also implied, but not admitted outright, that the media is being fed Kaine Horman's spin on the information given to them by law enforcement.  As I also stated all along, the media has been controlled by Kaine Horman and the media is Kaine's sock puppets as the Oregonian is freely admitting.

What I also stated is that Kaine Horman is controlling the investigation.  He is doing this by feeding them information that point's towards Terri Horman's guilt.  All he needs to do is feed them information about DeDe Spicher, her working near his house on june 4, 2010 (the day Kyron went missing), and all of a sudden you have law enforcement rappelling down cliffs looking for "evidence" that apparently did not exist until long after Kyron went missing (ie: the cell phones)  You also have an equally narcissistic ex-boyfried of DeDe spicher who told the police about some property her aunt lived in so law enforcement drops everything to investigate and dig up the aunt's garden.

Law enforcement seems to be investigating any lead that points towards Terri's guilt - even years and several people removed from Terri (ie: DeDe Spicher's ex boyfriend) yet they refuse to investigate leads that points towards anyone else's guilt - including Kaine Horman and his boyfriend.  They even refused to investigate a child's bloody sock found in the woods by a law professor ( )

The reason why law enforcement is so quiet and not releasing information is because of Kaine's boyfriend.  This happened in the Nicholas Francisco investigation.  As soon as they discovered Nicholas' homosexual lifestyle (including his making homosexual pornography), law enforcement clammed up and did not say another word - they even allowed people to spend time and money searching for Nicholas when they knew he had moved to California with his boyfriend to make homosexual porn.  Even his wife was shocked he would walk out on her (after finding out she was pregnant) and their young children.  If homosexuals want "equal rights" then they should be treated the same by law enforcement - including releasing the information if it is relevant to the investigation.

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