Monday, August 16, 2010

According to Kaine Horman : Delay of divorce == Delayed Justice

Only in Kaine Horman's narcissistic world does a delay in granting his divorce equals a delay in justice.  Just how in the world does delaying a divorce mean no justice let alone delay it?  Today's continuing saga, Kaine Horman filed court papers last week to reject the delay of divorce proceedings claiming "a delay would violate his right to the swift administration of justice."

Kaine Horman is a narcissist and a control freak.  He will pull every trick there is to force Terri to talk - which violates her rights.  He will continue to pull every trick he can to gaslight and defame Terri at all costs.   While he is busy filing court papers and manipulating the legal system to suit his agenda against Terri, he still claims he is looking for Kyron and "it's about Kyron, not Terri".   This in spite he is on record in a television interview claiming he was not searching because "he might get lost" and "he is not qualified" to look for his son.

So, Kaine, when has it ever "been about Kyron" and not about you in your narcissistic little world?

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