Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The cost of something does not necessarily = purchase price (except in Kaine Horman's narcissistic world)

How does one get from these text messages that any money was paid for legal services???
"Yep, guess how much he costs?" Terri wrote back.

 "Zillions?" Cook asked.

"350K," Terri Horman replied late
 All I get from this is the cost of an attorney.  There is no indication it was paid.  There is no indication if the attorney is working pro bono.  There is no indication cost isn't contingent on a book / movie deal, There is no indication of anything except a cost of an attorney.   By filing this, it proves two things to me:  1) Kaine Horman is abusing divorce court to "get justice"  since there is no evidence Terri did anything and he cannot get the criminal court to harass her and 2) Kaine Horman is manipulating his attorney to harass Terri. 

Only a fool thinks this exchange proves any amount of money exchanged hands.  Of course, Kaine & Company and their sock puppet CW Jensen has done a good job in manipulating people to believe Terri is guilty with no evidence.

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