Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More thoughts on the Kyron Horman case

A few more thoughts about the Kyron Horman case I had considered including in yesterday's post but since it was getting so long decided to write another post today.

Following this story the last 18 months, there has been one consistency in how the supporters of both Kaine Horman and Desiree Young (the birth parents of Kyron) have acted and how those who have supported Terri Horman have acted.

Terri Horman's supporters go with what few facts we have in the case.  They seem to want the truth known about what happened to Kyron regardless of who did what to him.  They accept other peoples views and positions as long as they are fact based.  Most of Terri's supporters want whoever did anything to Kyron to have a fair trial, and convicted if guilty.  They have seen the facts and have seen the real facts show Terri is not guilty of doing anything to Kyron.

Kaine and Desiree's supporters, on the other hand, want people to continue to to bad mouth Terri and state she is guilty even though the facts prove otherwise.  They want their supporters to believe every lie they tell even if it contradicts what they stated previously.  Kaine and Desiree's supporters bad mouth, name call, stalk, harass, and bully those who post that they do not believe Terri is guilty.  The mental maturity of their supporters is,at the most,  that of a twelve year old (and many of them much younger than that)  Under Desiree's spell, they hold vigils outside of Terri's parents home.  They also post posters and fliers in Terri's home town of Roseburg telling people to ask Terri where Kyron is (with absolutely no evidence she did anything to him and no evidence she knows where he is)   They want her hung up or convicted without a trial.  Desiree has even paid for a billboard in Roseburg to harass Terri.  It is not to find Kyron - there isn't even a phone number or information to contact if anyone sees him.  She never paid for a billboard in the Portland area where Kyron vanished from.

The two groups are striking in their difference:  Those who support Terri want Kyron found and the perpetrator tried and convicted if guilty.  Those who support Kaine and Desiree want Terri convicted and put to death without a trial regardless of who did what to Kyron.  They are nazi's that are controlled, manipulated, and brainwashed by their puppet master.  Kaine and Desiree's supporters seem to be unable to think for themselves and most seem simple minded and gullible - the perfect victim of a malignant narcissist.   Most of the postings from them make them appear to be demon possessed.

This case appears consistent of one having gone from a possible criminal case to a domestic / custody issue that the family wants kept quiet and will not say anything about.  There was one other case I followed (of the very few I have ever followed) it happened this way and no more ever from law enforcement - no closure to those who were helping and following the case:  One moment law enforcement was all over the media and asking for information and searching for the person (an adult), the next they closed the case down without a word to the public - not even a word there was no longer a need to search for a body because the person left voluntarily and was living another life in another state.  It was not until a year later that it came out from other sources that it had not been a criminal case but was a domestic issue and, when discovered, the family wanted kept quiet (I came to the right conclusion and had emailed the sheriff with it while they were still searching and asking for information - and not a word back from them)  People still searched for the body for months after the sheriff knew there was no need to continue searching (I gave up searching because by then I knew what happened)    As a taxpayer that funds such public cases and with the parents begging for money and help as well as blaming Terri Horman for something she did not do, they owe the public an explanation as well as an apology if this is the case.

Until proven otherwise, it is my opinion that Kyron Horman was vanished by Kaine Horman in order to keep him away from the doctor (as well as losing custody to Desiree) and Terri was blamed in order for Kaine to obtain and try and keep custody of Kiara.  I believe if the judge continues to abate the divorce proceedings that Kaine will continue hiding Kyron.

I'm not 100% convinced although I believe the Multnomah Sheriff knows that this is no longer a criminal case but will not say anything to the public because Kaine told them not to.  Notice Kaine is not searching for Kyron (he never searched for him) but is holding fundraisers to "keep his face out there" without saying why he wants his face kept out there.  This is a classic example of how a master manipulator works - he makes people assume something while saying something completely different.  Of course, Kaine does not want the reward for Kyron increased because for enough money, one of his cohorts will squeal.  If Kaine was serious about "finding" Kyron, the reward would be a half million dollars by now.   If Kaine does not have Kyron (the small chance he doesn't) Imagine if Kyron came back and when he got older saw he was only worth $50,000. to his dad but his dad bought a $120,000.+ racing truck using the money donated to search for him.  He will also wonder why his dad never looked for him or asked his kidnappers to return him.

Anyone who knows Kaine:  Ask him to deny in public - in the national media - what I've stated.  Kaine has never publicly stated he did not take Kyron or cause him to vanish from school.  He made a lot of people think it, but he never said it. 

Oh - if anything happens to me or the rapture happens, all of my pics, copies of court documents, receipts, and all information I have in this case will be automatically published on this account as well as several others within two weeks.   They are set to automatically post at a future date (date which I will continue to change as long as I'm alive and here and able to)    So even if something happens, the posts will continue and you will get everything I have on the Kyron Horman case (even if Kaine is able to get this account shut down, there are several others that cannot be linked to me you will be able to find from Google)  Quite a bit of this information the media has and refuses to (or is legally not able to) publish.  The rest is from my own investigation and is available to anyone who puts the effort into obtaining it.  If law enforcement does not have all of it, they are incompetent.  I do not have anything that is not freely available to them (with much less effort than I had to put into getting it)

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  1. > The rest is from my own investigation and is available to
    > anyone who puts the effort into obtaining it.

    Why not just post it? I've seen it all, as I'm quite active on the various forums.

    RE: Terri, let's all remember that before the press even released that Terri failed two polygraphs and walked out on another, she was implicated in a sting operation by police in a murder-for-hire plot against her husband. That is why Kaine gets overwhelming support from the public and Terri hides in her parents' house.


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