Friday, November 11, 2011

"Tinfoil hat" theory regarding the Kyron Horman case

I just do not get the secrecy in searching for Kyron Horman nor the birth parents acting the way they have.  Also law enforcement not acting like law enforcement acts in any other missing child case.

Already in Sky  Metalwala's case (missing for five days / two year old from Bellevue, WA) we have had much more information from law enforcement than we have had from law enforcement in the eighteen months since Kyron Horman went missing.

Neither of Kyron's birth parents searched for him and neither of the put up fliers (Terri was the one who had the original fliers printed and had people post them) and neither of them have asked whoever has Kyron to return him.  Every other missing child case I've read about since Kyron went missing, the parents print fliers and search for their children.  They also ask (if they believe their child is still alive) that whoever has their child to return them.  The reward fund for Kyron has not increased in spite of numerous fund raisers and in spite of his birth dad making nearly $200,000. a year.

We also had very little from law enforcement compared to other cases.  And we get a very strange comment from the sheriff:
When asked if people would be shocked to find out what they know, Staton took a long silence.

"I know I'm taking a long pause on that, I have to think through that answer. I think there are things that come out of this investigation that will surprise you, that you'll think about later on when it's over. We have a knowledge of things we don't want to know about ... of things we wish we didn't know," he added.
It is almost like everyone is operating under an ultra top secret security clearance regarding Kyron Horman.

The bible clearly teaches that fallen angels came to earth before Noah's flood and mated with humans creating the nephilim.  All cultures have stories about the star people and various "gods" including Greek mythology.   These fallen angels taught humans about science, growing plants, and creating weapons among many other things.  They genetically manipulated people and animals and this is partially why earth was destroyed during the flood.  The main reason the earth was destroyed was because the gene pool became contaminated to the point that Noah was the only one left with purely human genes.

Yeshua (Jesus) taught that  at the end times (which we now live) that it will become like the days of Noah.  Most people believe that this means that people will become lawless and wicked but it is much more than that:  Genetic manipulation of people and animals will happen in the last moments of human history just as it did before the flood of Noah.  Nephilim will walk among the people of the earth today (unrecognized as being nephilim)  In fact, I know beyond a doubt I have seen at least one nephilim (and maybe others)

There has always been UFO sightings throughout history although they are increasing in the end times just as predicted.  There are crop circles and animal mutilations throughout the world.  Both of these are attributed to UFOs.

Roswell Daily Record  July8,1947
One of the most famous UFO sightings was in Roswell, NM in 1947.  During this time, the first reports were that there were victims of the crash and one was still alive.  It is rumored that this victim lived and taught the military much of the technology it uses today.

There are over three million Americans that claim they have been kidnapped by these demons (which masquerade as aliens) and have been implanted, had eggs or sperm removed, or were medically manipulated in some way.  Many of these events happen to children.

Whatever happened in Roswell is still under ultra top secret military clearance and no president or member of congress has been able to obtain information on what actually happened.  If it were a hoax or nothing significant, why isn't the military releasing the details?

So we have a missing child and the event is being treated like there is a cover up of some sort - a cover up requiring an ultra top secret clearance to obtain any real information.  NONE - not one - of the people involved are acting like any other missing child case.

We also had the report that Kyron's body was found during a Sauvie island search in 2010 (which was pulled within a half hour and then retracted by law enforcement) 

So WHAT IF (tinfoil hat theory) that Kyron was kidnapped by either a fallen angel or a nephilim (who would appear as human) and was being used for experimentation?  This would explain all of the secrecy by both the parents and bylaw enforcement.  It would also explain Sheriff Staton's strange comment: We have a knowledge of things we don't want to know about ... of things we wish we didn't know," he added.

Okay, this is just thinking out loud and pretty wacky.  I still believe Kyron's vanishing was by one of his birth parents - most likely Kaine Horman - and involving the masons, steroid abuse by Kaine, and sexual abuse by Kaine which was about to be discovered.  I also think Michael Cook was involved (and then he was used by Kaine as a "double agent" to "get dirt on Terri" so he could blame her)

Zuma's Revenge

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  1. There is another reason that family members are often discouraged and forbidden by law enforcement to search for a missing person, and that is that they have not been completely investigated or "cleared" (no one is really "cleared" until the case is closed) themselves; and law enforcement has to be certain that evidence will not be disturbed or tampered with. Is this the kind of thing you would expect to find shared with the media or understood by the masses?


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