Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The most important post that you will ever read anywhere

We are now on the brink of WWIII which will lead to Armageddon seven years later.

Everything is setting up for the very end of times which the bible calls the tribulation.  The antimessiah (antichrist) is about to come to power.  When the rapture of the TRUE believers in Yeshua (AKA Jesus) - the ones who follow the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Israel was previously named Jacob) and accept Yeshua's atonement for their sins (IE: believes Jesus died for their sins) are raptured - (which will occur any day now) - then there will be a strong delusion and deception.  Those who rejected Yeshua as their Messiah (Lord and Savior) will be deceived and will accept The Lie they are told.  Those who never understood the plan of salvation will have a chance to accept Yeshua as Messiah but for a price:  They will become martyrs and will be beheaded.

Anyone who accepts the antimessiah's mark (AKA: 666) will be eternally damned to hell. NO EXCEPTION

The good news for those who have not yet accepted Yeshua as Messiah, at least of this writing, is that the rapture of the true believers has not yet happened.  Do not be deceived - when the rapture happens, many, many people who called themselves Christians will have been left behind.  The Lie may be that it was not the rapture but some secret government operation (project blue beam ???) and that "the rapture did not occur" because "look how many christians are still here"

Time is extremely short.  Do not put off your Salvation.  Unless you want to endure the worst seven years of human history, you must decide to follow Messiah Yeshua RIGHT NOW.  If you do not accept and follow Messiah Yeshua, you may not have another chance after the rapture of the True Believers / followers of Adonai, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.  Do not be deceived because not all so-called Christians are gone - very few will actually be taken compared to how many believe they will be going.

Repent of your sins asking Messiah Yeshua to atone for your sins and follow God.  Time is extremely, extremely short and you may not have another chance.  I would be very surprised if the rapture does not take place this month and that the battle of gog-magog, destruction of damascus,  and the Obadiah prophecies have not taken place.  We may possibly not be as close as I think although all indications is that we are.

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  1. May God bless you richly for this. Please keep posting about this message for our salvation.


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