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Revisiting the Kyron Horman Case: Where does Kaine Horman have Kyron stashed?

All indications are that Kyron Horman is a victim of a parental kidnapping by one of his birth parents.  It could be that this is a custody issue and once law enforcement discovered it, they tried to quietly as possible back off of the investigation and keep it as private as possible at the request of the custodial parent (Kaine Horman).
Kaine Horman

Kaine Horman is the most likely person to have kidnapped Kyron.  If there is no indication a stranger took Kyron as law enforcement continued to reassure Skyline parents, then law enforcement must know - or suspect - who took Kyron (and they know it was not Terri Horman)

It is evident that Kaine Horman always planned on divorcing Terri.  They were together for eight year, married for three, yet the house they bought at the time they married was only in Kaine's name.  The car - a present he gave her - was in his name (he kept it after he forced her to move after serving divorce papers), and he would do anything to be sure he kept custody of both children.  When Desiree divorced him, she filed a restraining order against him fearing he would kidnap both children:  Kyron and her son from a previous marriage.  Kaine, the narcissist that he is, would never tolerate that "abuse" from his subject without payback at some point (even if it took years)  Kaine ended up with custody of Kyron (never to relinquish it) when Desiree went to Canada for treatment most likely for mental problems.

Many blame Terri for the breakup of Kaine and Desiree's marriage.  What they conveniently refuse to acknowledge is that Kaine and Desiree broke up before then.  When Desiree became pregnant, they reconciled for the baby (Kyron)  Kaine is the one who chose to cheat on his wife yet his and Desiree's supporters blame Terri (how convenient)

Kaine would never let himself get into the position of having another restraining order served against him again.  He would make sure the next time he would be the one serving it and people would believe he is the victim.  This is how payback from narcissists works.

All indications are that Kaine and Terri's marriage was on the rocks.  He was controlling, demanding, and jept Terri under his thumb.  He was going to make sure he got custody of Kiara and was going to make sure that Desiree never regained custody of Kyron like she requested several months previously.  His nursery owner friends knew a landscaper that would help him.  Likely Kaine hired the landscaper to attack or kill Terri or maybe just seduce her so he would have ammunition in the divorce he was planning.  Several months earlier, Terri called 911 and reported an attack.  Law enforcement confronted the person - the landscaper - at his home in front of his wife and children. Landscaper would some day revenge this in the bogus murder for hire plot allegations.  Maybe this was planned by Kaine, maybe it was just revenge from the landscaper- either way, they conspired together on it when the murder for hire sting was suggested by law enforcement.

Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to the doctor to get him checked out.  Kaine refused even though he had extremely good health insurance and it would not cost him anything.  If he loved his son as he claims, why would he refuse to have him checked out by a doctor even if only for peace of mind?  The most likely explanation is that Kyron Horman was being molested just as Kaine and his brother had been molested by their dad as a child (dad who adopted them - not birth dad)  Otherwise the refusal of having Kyron checked out by a doctor makes no sense at all.  Kaine did not refuse to allow Kyron to see an ophthalmologist / optometrist for glasses and Kiara had seen a doctor so he was not against the medical establishment.   Terri, being the step mother, likely had no authority to take Kyron to the doctor without Kaine's permission (unless abuse was suspected) so if there was a doctor's appointment and papers to be signed by the school, it would have to be with Kaine's permission or because of suspected abuse.

Kaine Horman has never acted like an innocent parent in a missing child case.  He refused to search for Kyron (was "afraid of getting lost"), has never asked for the alleged accomplice to return Kyron even though he made numerous claims he believed Kyron was alive, never searched for Kyron in spite of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars through the Kyron Horman foundation for "searches" (searches that never take place) but spending $126,995. for a racing truck using the foundation money, and knowing on June 5, 2010 (the day after Kyron went missing before anyone knew of the details and while they still thought he was lost in the woods) that Kyron had disappeared before 9:30 AM.  This is one half hour before roll was taken but Kaine KNEW Kyron was gone before then (see: Kaine Horman's Intel memo (reference) )

Another strange thing is that while Kaine knew Kyron was gone before 9:30 AM, Kristina Porter, Kyron's teacher, told Tanner that  Kyron was either getting a drink of water or in the restroom - but then marked him absent at 10 AM and never alerted anyone he was gone all day.

Another funny thing is that Kaine had Terri take his truck that morning while he took her mustang.  I would like to know the reason.  Maybe it was a common thing - truck has more room for children and car seats.  Maybe the truck was low on fuel so Terri was going to fill it up so it would be ready to go when she took Kyron to meet with Desiree later that day, maybe Terri needed the room for groceries or things she needed to pick up, or maybe Kaine wanted the car to impress a new boyfriend / girlfriend (he swings both ways) or maybe Kaine wanted the car so he would have a GPS alibi.  Mustangs come with GPS and quite sure Kaine elected to purchase it with the car.  Perfect alibi leaving the car sit at Intel while he takes Kyron to wherever he was taking him (he could have used a friend's car or had an accomplice)  Kyron would have gladly met his dad for a 'surprise' trip to McDonalds or whatever he was told.

One thing for sure:  Kyron's friend Tanner noticed Kyron was gone.  Kyron never apparently told Tanner he was leaving with his mother as any friend would (IE: "I can't go with you because I have to go with mom") , Tanner asked their teacher (Kristina Porter) where Kyron was and she told him Kyron was getting a drink of water or in the restroom. She then marked Kyron absent at 10AM without alerting anyone he was gone.  Kaine knew Kyron was gone before 9:30 AM and alerted Intel's attorneys the next day Kyron was missing then sent the memo to his coworkers and he failed to search for his son or ask any kidnapper to return him in spite of numerous media events and in spite of believing Kyron is still alive.

One has to winder if Kaine is seeing Kyron while traveling around the northwest "keeping his face out there" while raising money for searches that never happen or if Kyron is safely stashed at his out of the way home in the woods in NW Portland where no one would see him.

I believe law enforcement quickly realized this is a parental custody issue but after spending millions of tax dollars wanted to back out of it quietly.  Tax payers would be enraged (rightfully so) in realizing they spent millions of dollars looking for a child that was not really lost.   Since Kaine has primary custody, likely there were no laws broken except maybe giving false police statements (if any false statements were given)

One thing for sure:  Kaine had divorce papers and restraining order prepared well before the failed murder for hire sting attempt.   He had them prepared long before the june 25, 2010 interview with Desiree when both lied and said all four parents were in it together.  After this interview when Desiree said Terri was cooperating, Desiree then claimed Terri refused to cooperate and she "knew from the first phone call that Terri did it".  You need a database to keep track of all of Kaine (and Desiree's) lies and story changes.

One needs to ask Kaine where Kyron is.  All indications are he took Kyron and has him stashed away from Desiree and in a way where he and his mentally unstable supporters would blame Terri.  Payback by a narcissist towards his victims.

Or maybe Kaine Horman sold Kyron to be a child sacrifice.  Narcissists would not think twice about having their own children murdered if it benefited them in any way.  And this does happen in all the cities in the United States.  This could be what sheriff Staton meant when he said they found out things they wish they hadn't.

I also want to know where Kaine's friend Michael Cook fits in.  He and Kaine concocted the sexting on Kaine's cell phone.  He obviously set up Terri.  To me, it is not a coincidence that Michael Cook, Kaines childhood boyfriend, would be living in the same neighborhood as Kaine and then appear when Kyron went missing only to help out Kaine in any way possible - including setting up Terri in the bogus sexting incident.  The reason why the violation of the restraining order was dropped against Terri is because Michael Cook took pictures of Kaine's copy and then tried to pass it off as Terri's copy in order to try and get her arrested.  I would like to know what part Michael Cook (as well as Kristina Porter) had in helping Kaine disappear Kyron.  Also a comment Michael Cook made to the press right after Kyron went missing on how it was not how it seemed is very interesting.  I'll try and find it and post it.

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