Saturday, November 19, 2011

My thoughts / theories on the Sky Metalwala case

I usually do not follow missing child cases although some are such a mystery (Kyron Horman) I can't help but follow it.  Others grab my attention because they are on the news (local) and I cannot help but hear about the case.  I live near Seattle and Sky Metalwala's disappearance is on the news frequently here and, as a news junkie, I can't help but hearing about it.  Sky Metalwala is a two year old that allegedly disappeared from his mother's car two weeks ago tomorrow when she claims her car ran out of gas.  She claims she left him in the car seat of the car when she took her four year old daughter to get fuel.

I do not know anyone involved in this case and, to my knowledge, have never met either parent and do not know anyone who knows them personally (although the nearness to where I live, it is not beyond the possibility that I am acquainted with someone who knows one of them)

There has been a lot of news directly from law enforcement in this case.  So much, and so much information that this case would never have attracted my attention if it had not been local.  I do have a few theories from listening to the news.  There have been a few inconsistent statements by the media so which theory has the most merit depends on which of those statements were factual and which are in error.  I'll present my theories which are dependent on the statements by both law enforcement and the media.

This is the theory I think needs to be looked into first since it seems to be the strongest theory (with what we have been told by law enforcement and the media)  While this is the most logical theory, most will not want to believe it because they would rather believe it is a kidnapping (parental or otherwise) and Sky will be returned alive.

 Sky's parents are going through a divorce and a week or so before Sky allegedly went missing, there was a custody hearing.  This hearing apparently lasted all day and a custody agreement was reached by both parents.  Later that day, Sky's mother contacted her attorney and went back on the custody arrangement that she had agreed to earlier in that day.  Unknown to anyone at that time, both Sky and his sister had been left alone for the entire day.  My theory is that something happened to Sky that day while left alone and his mother did not want it known because she knew she would be (rightfully) blamed and charged for criminal negligence / involuntary manslaughter and also lose custody of her daughter.  She likely then watched the new episode of Law & Order where the parents staged a car theft claiming their son was in the car to cover up their baby's crib death (they did not realize it was a natural death and thought they must have killed their child accidentally and no one would believe them) and used that to explain Sky's disappearance.

The problems with this theory:  Apparently nothing from the cadaver dogs either in the apartment or car.  Another problem:  ONCE the media (NWCN or KING TV) stated that law enforcement was surprised when questioning the four year old daughter that she said Sky was left in the car seat that day.*  This was only on the news once and never repeated while I was watching / listening.

*  Update:  Found a link with this info:
The girl told police Sunday that her brother had been in the car when they left it, Iafrate said. A detective trained in questioning children interviewed her again Monday, Iafrate said, but "nothing significant" came out of it.
Also worth noting:  Leaving the children alone was routine for the mother (as well as the dad before the parents split up) so, while negligent, this was not uncommon for the mother to leave Sky in the car alone.  This in itself does not show her to be guilty although the tests on the car seem to appear running out of fuel was a lie.  This said, some cars routinely quit and act like they ran out of fuel for various reasons.  Once I drove a car that would vapor lock every once in awhile.  Another vehicle one of the ignition wires needed to be unplugged and plugged back in in order to get the car to start again.  While the car running out of fuel may have been a lie, there is still a possibility the car stalled and acted like it was out of fuel.

Another theory:

Sky's mother is from the Ukraine and this may have been a parental kidnapping.  This could have taken place 1-2 weeks before sky allegedly disappeared and the disappearance staged to cover it up.  Who knows what passport Sky could have flown under.

It is possible the dad kidnapped Sky although since it was the car mother was driving and she is the one that allegedly ran out of fuel, this does not seem likely.  It also seems that mother would be publicly asking for Sky's return and searching for him if she thought dad had taken him --- although she could be emotionally distraught - especially with guilt from having left him - she may be in no shape emotionally to help.  It could be dad sabotaged the car forcing it to quit and was waiting for his chance (yet another law & Order episode where a ping pong ball was placed in the fuel tank)  Still, he would have had no way of knowing she would leave Sky alone and it was apparently her brother's car.

Of course, it could also be a stranger opportunist kidnapping just as mother said - and she is feeling guilt and blaming herself for leaving her son alone.  She also knows she can be charged with criminal negligence even if she was not directly responsible for Sky's disappearance.

While I hope Sky is alive and will be returned safely, it appears something may have happened to him the day he was left alone for the custody hearing and mother covered it up.  That would be the first theory I would try and rule out.  The other theory that she took him and sent him out of the country to her relatives in the Ukraine is just as likely.  The problem I have with that is why she didn't have her daughter "kidnapped" as well if that was the case.  Now the daughter is in state custody, she may never get her back now.  That is the biggest reason why I believe something happened to Sky when left alone is the most likely theory.

Oh - law enforcement in their briefings call Sky's mom and dad just that - they rarely use their names (IE: 'mom said she did ...' etc.) so that's what I used in this post.  If I post about Sky's disappearance again, I'll use their names (Solomon is dad and Julie / Julia is mom) Deal of the Day

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