Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The contrast between Sky Metalwala's disappearance and Kyron Horman's disappearance

Sky Metalwala, two years old, disappeared from his mother's unlocked car when left alone on sunday after the car had run out of fuel near Seattle, WA.  The mother claims Sky was sick and she was taking him to the hospital.  While leabing a two year old alone seems suspicious, it is not the first time Sky's parents had left him in the car unattended so it, alone, is not evidence the mother was guilty of anything except negligence for leaving him alone (why would she live a sick child alone in the car?)

What is striking is the difference between Kyron Horman's disappearance and what little information law enforcement has given in 18 months since he disappeared and Sky Metalwala's disappearance three days ago.  I've been thinking about the theory I mentioned the other day regarding Kyron Horman's disappearance an, like Dr. Pickle said, was a little tinfoil hat that few would think is possible although the more I see on other missing children cases, the stranger Kyron Horman's disappearance seems.

Law enforcement in Kyron's disappearance has said extremely little.  They never said anything about anyone taking polygraph tsts (although we heard from Desiree and Kaine there had been) nor have they said what they were looking for and what evidence (if any) was found.  They had even denied searching the truck Terri drove that morning.

In contrast, we already know directly from law enforcement that Sky's dad has passed a polygraph (after being inconclusive / unable to take the test during a first attempt) and the mother has, so far, refused to take one (although her attorney - apparently her divorce attorney since the parents are going through a divorce) has said it was only because she was too upset and will take one.  We also know - directly from law enforcement - that the vehicle the mother was driving was taken in to collect any evidence that may be in it (as well as see how much gas the fuel tank had in it)  We have also been told, directly from law enforcement, that both parents have been cooperating (which gives the mother's attorney credibility when they said she would take the test when she was not so distraught)  We have also been told that both parents are searching for their son and the dad has publicly asked whoever took sky to return him.

Already, at three days missing, we have been given more information directly from law enforcement than we have been given in the eighteen months since Kyron Horman vanished.  Sky Metalwala's parents act like parents of a missing child and law enforcement in the case are acting like law enforcement normally does in a missing child case.   I still want to know:  Why is Kyron Horman's disappearance appear to be much more than a child missing and why so much secrecy in comparison to other missing children cases?

Sky's disappearance may be a child [international] custody issue (which it now appears to be) although it's being handled like a missing child case while Kyron Horman's case is being handled much differently than any other missing child case in history.

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