Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Answers to 'kept private' questions regarding the Kyron Horman case

1.  I believe if Terri Horman had taken Kyron Horman to protect him from being molested by Kaine Horman she would have also protected her daughter Kiara as well - unless she knew Kaine was only interested in little boys.  She would probably have not known this or taken this chance since Kaine's brother Kristian was convicted for molesting a girl and because Kiara was Kaine's first daughter so probably the only baby girl he had been around.  If Terri was responsible for Kyron disappearing to protect him, she would also protect her daughter.  Of course we do not know who has primary custody of Kiara or even if Kaine is allowed to see her.  The master manipulator has made his puppets believe he has full custody of Kiara but we do not know this.  We only know what Kaine and Desiree tell the media and what propaganda their trained sock puppets spread on the forums and social media sites.

2.  I suspect if Kaine is hiding Kyron and Kyron is not being hidden at home with him, then Kyron is in the North Seattle area either in the UW (Go Huskies!) area or Shoreline or with friends in the Portland area.  Another possibility is with his friends / family near Munich Germany (or possibly Berlin)  There are a few internet searches from other countries I find very interesting- people from countries one would not expect to be doing an internet search for Kyron Horman (and countries with no active public access proxy servers - those are easy to filter out)

3.  Multnomah Sheriff and the media is most responsible for directing attention towards Terri and I'm quite sure it was with prompting from Kaine and Desiree Young (Kyron's birth mother).  Desiree claimed she "knew Terri did it" when she received the phone call that he was missing.  It appears the scapegoating of Terri began the very night Kyron went missing.  Reading some of the early articles, they state that 'no evidence of an abduction' so if it wasn't an abduction and they did not find him in the fields or woods, what was this statement suppose to make people believe?  It is another example of a master manipulator.  The only conclusion most people would make if they did not think it over is that "Terri did it" without them saying anything to that affect.  Master manipulators can make you draw the conclusion they want you to without saying it directly.  Desiree has alluded to emails that Terri was suppose to have sent that expressed hatred for Kyron and blaming him from everything from a failed marriage to world was three --- yet many believe "Terri hated Kyron" without any evidence that the emails are real or any evidence Terri hated Kyron.  If the emails are real, who is to say Kaine did not send them to set Terri up because he had Kyron's disappearance all planned out?  The gullible sock puppets believe Desiree without Desiree stating what Terri allegedly wrote because they have already been brainwashed by master manipulators to conclude "Terri did it" (without even knowing what "it" is)  I believe Desiree is being manipulated / coached by Kaine to do this.

4.  If this is a family case and no longer a criminal investigation, law enforcement may never tell the public if the family wants it kept private.  This is irresponsible since millions of tax dollars was spent and the birth parents made it into a national media covered case.  With Kaine and Desiree going on national TV and pointing their fingers at Terri, they should have lost all the privacy they now seem to want.   They should have thought of their own privacy before they went on national TV to point their fingers at Terri.

5.  I believe Kaine was scared of Terri taking Kyron to the doctor.  He may have been afraid that Kyron was going to tell Desiree that weekend about going to a doctor or about what his dad had been doing to him.  Instead of waiting for Kyron to get back from Desiree's that weekend, Kaine arranged to take Kyron and vanish him before he could tell Desiree what was happening.  remember: Desiree claims Kyron did not want to leave her.  It could be because his dad was molesting him.  Terri may have been trying to tell Desiree about what was going on but Desiree did not believe it - and now Desiree is feeling guilty because she did not listen to Terri and is projecting her own guilt onto Terri.  The problem is Desiree changes her stories almost as much as Kaine.  It could be, as I believe,  she is being manipulated by Kaine and saying what he wants her to say.  Her first story was Terri always sent her newsy emails and how they were happy together as a blended family - then once Kaine served the divorce papers (the divorce he always planned on getting and had planned out for months), Desiree's tone and attitude towards Terri changed.  I think the reason Desiree may have thought "Terri did it" and thought that from the start is that Kaine had called her and planted that seed in her mind for her to think about on the trip to Portland that afternoon.

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