Sunday, November 27, 2011

The fools in Olympia, Washington (Washington State Government)

Once again, the state legislature in Washington State are holding a special session in order to come up with a way to scam more money from the taxpayers of the state.  These guys have been bumbling idiots and the governor has made foolish decisions creating a two billion dollar deficit in the state budget.

Most of the taxpayers in the state of Washington wanted the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle to be rebuilt.  It had suffered damage in 2001 in the Nisqually earthquake.  Instead of rebuilding it or replacing it, the governor forced a TWO BILLION DOLLAR tunnel underneath downtown Seattle and endangering 157 nuildings.  The replacement tunnel would be a toll road and would be less capacity than the viaduct it is replacing.  Never mind that the tunnel will be through the water table, through fill dirt, and in a MAJOR earthquake area.  The problem is the four billion dollar tunnel (Two billion dollars from the federal government so this affects all U.S. taxpayers) is not a good way to spend money when your cost is two billion and you have a two billion dollar deficit.  The tunnel will not even have any exits to downtown Seattle so it will be almost useless for commuters.  People will drive free surface streets and Interstate 5 (free) to avoid the tolls.

This is number one reason why all the governments are in trouble:  They spend more than they can afford and spend it on junk projects such as the viaduct replacement tunnel.

These are the same fools who thought people would pay to go to park their cars at state parks and counted all the money it would bring in.  They were surprised nobody went to the state parks and it is not bringing in the money they claimed it would.  You may state they learned from their mistake but what is not remembered:  They tried the very same ploy of charging people to pay at state parks a few years ago and it failed then too and they ended up dropping the parking fee then because it cost them more to collect it than it brought in.  In spite of the failure, the fools tried it again and once again are surprise it failed.

Now these fools are trying to come up with two billion dollars to cover the deficit.  They should have thought of this before they voted for the viaduct replacement tunnel.  It is their foolishness for voting for the viaduct replacement tunnel and now they want the taxpayers to come up with two billion dollars more to cover their idiotic decisions.  The Washington State Governor as well as all the fools in the state legislature need to be recalled.

Because they made a two billion dollar foolish decision, I will vote NO on any and all new taxes until they stop making foolish decisions the taxpayers - their constituents - do not want.

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