Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why did FEMA change the EAS test ?

Previously I posted the TV commercial announcement (see video: ) by the government announcing the EAS test today.  The announcements stated that the test would last 3 to 3 1/2 minutes in length.  The TV commercial stated three minutes.  I posted that this would be a good cover for a terrorist to attack.

Yesterday on the local news, they announced the test was to happen today and stated that the test would be 30 seconds.  I assumed they erred in the length because of all the announcements by the government stating it would be 3 minutes or a little longer.  Today's test was 20 seconds and it was very little different than the required weekly tests (which, by the way, have been happening on some stations on a daily basis over the past week or so)

One has to wonder why they changed the test at the last minute from 3+ minutes to 30 seconds.  And why did they hype it up and make it sound much larger / major than it was?  Did they believe 2005 YU55 was a danger but then the danger passed so they changed their plans?  Did plans to attack Iran change at the last minute?    I'm still not getting why they played this up like they did.  Nobody would have thought twice about it if they had not announced it in advance.  Also, announcing a major test like that puts the entire country in danger by those who would use it as a way to confuse during an attack of some sort.

We are still in very grave danger of World War 3 starting in the Middle East at any time.  Whether it's Iran attacking Israel (or Israel / U.S. / U.K. or combination attacking Iran) or damascus being destroyed, or Gaza being destroyed - we are still at the very end of world history and time is extremely short.

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