Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kaine Horman cares more about money than he does about real searches for his missing son Kyron Horman

My response to:

First we were told by Desiree Horman-Young that law enforcement showed her emails that led her to believe Terri Horman killed her step son Kyron Horman.  The alleged emails, which were never made public, allegeldy showed that Terri Horman had an intense hatred of Kyron.  Desiree claimed that law enforcement was convinced that the emails proved that Terri Horman killed Kyron.

Kaine Horman
Kaine Horman, who claims to have seen the same alleged emails that law enforcement allegedly showed Desiree Horman-Young, is convinced that Kyron is still alive and being held somewhere.  If he was shown the same emails that Desiree claims she was shown, why is it he believes Kyron is still alive while Desiree claims the the emails allegedly show that he is dead?

Another thing is why doesn't Kaine use any of the media coverage to ask whoever has Kyron to return him?  And why isn't some of the money he is raising being used to increase the reward money to find Kyron?

Kyron Horman is missing and yet Kaine is more concerned with raising money than he is getting his son returned.  The obvious conclusion is that he has Kyron hidden away and is not asking for Kyron's return because he would be asking himself and he believes law enforcement is so convinced Terri is guilty that he doesn't have to act like a father of a missing child.  Any other parent with a missing child they thought was still alive would be asking for their child's return but that has not happened with Kyron.  Kaine had the opportunity on CNN this week for nationwide coverage to ask for Kyron's return and yet he spent the entire 3 minutes (edited down from 15 minutes of finger pointing to Terri) to blame Terri instead of asking whoever has Kyron stashed to return him (Obviously Terri does not have him stashed in Roseburg)

Why is Kaine selling tee-shirts and bracelets and raising money instead of printing fliers and posting them or actually out physically searching for Kyron?  To Kaine, its obviously more about the money than it is to get his son returned otherwise he would not be planning fund raising events for the next year.  Funny how these events are funded by the Kyron Horman foundation but none of the money is being used to find Kyron Horman.  They are all events Kaine wants to attend and he has found a way to pay for them (especially the Ducks / UW football game after the fund raising race)

There is another explanation about what happened although I'm quite sure few would like it posted.  Others would never take it seriously.  I'll try and get it posted later tonight or tomorrow (thinking outside of the box about every possibility is what INTJ's do and this blog is ALTERNATE theories for a reason)

For the record:  Neither Kaine Horman nor Desiree Young have ever claimed they did not kidnap Kyron.  Their finger pointing to Terri makes people believe Terri is guilty and many claim Terri is guilty because she has not professed her innocence although neither birth parent or step father (detective Tony Young) has ever professed their innocence or made any claim they were not guilty.  For those who claim Terri is guilty because she never professed her innocence, what about the other three parents (I use the term loosely) that never proclaimed THEIR innocence?

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