Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mt. Rainier earthquake swarm - eruption imminent?


Mt. Rainier, ~ 50 SE of Seattle, WA, is one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes,   This is because when (not if) it erupts, it has the potential to kill thousands of people and disrupt the nation's economy.

The eruption of Mt, Rainier itself will have some impact although much of the damage / destruction will be because of a lahar (a landslide of wet volcanic debris on the side of a volcano)  Since the mud flow will cause death and destruction in major residential and industrial areas.  Centuries ago, the mud flow from the lahars off of Mt. Rainier reached Seattle as well as Tacoma.  Companies in the valleys that the mud flows will reach are companies such as Boeing, Food Services of America, UPS, Southcenter shopping, as well as thousands of other businesses.  If the mud flow reaches Seattle as it has in the past, it could cover Boeing Field and Renton airport (where Boeing manufactures aircraft) disrupting air freight (UPS flies into Boeing field) as well as aircraft testing / manufacturing.  A lahar from any eruption of Mt. Rainer will most likely reach the Tacoma waterfront where it will disrupt the Port of Tacoma shipping.   The lahar will also destroy thousands of homes and place many lives in danger.

While Mt. Rainier often has earthquake swarms, they are generally near the west side of the mountain.  What has scientists concerned is the recent 3.4 earthquake centered under the volcano's cone - something they generally do not see and consider it rare.  Could this be a sign of Mt. Rainier's impending eruption?  Scientists have long expected Mt. Rainier to erupt and twenty years ago some predicted within 30 years.  They believe the threat is so real that many of the communities in the valleys close to Mt. Rainier have lahar warning sirens that are regularly tested.  All throughout the Seattle / Tacoma area the valleys have road signs showing 'Volcano evacuation routes'

Another swarm of earthquakes scientists claim are not related is over near Richland, WA.  There are no volcanoes in this general area and this immediate area is not known for earthquakes.  Scientists have no idea what is going on there.  This swarm is worth mentioning because it is near the Hanford nuclear facility plus some scientists expect that there is more communication between volcanoes than other scientists believe.  The magma movement between volcanoes as well as the change in magnetism and earth temperature caused by magma movement needs to be studied further.  Also it is interesting these events, as well as many other unordinary seismic events, is happening at the same time comet c/2010 x1 (Elenin) is moving from alignment and crossing the earth's path.

Interesting times we live in.  God has removed His protection from this nation since we have forsaken Him - we will reap what we sow.

Most of the smaller quakes are not on this chart since it only shows those >= 1

Note:  Ashford is Mt. Rainier and Morton is very close to Mt. Rainier

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP1.5 2011/10/18 01:06:44 46.480-122.324 19.69 km ( 6 mi) SSW of Morton, WA
MAP1.2 2011/10/17 23:20:57 48.169-122.496 23.93 km ( 2 mi) SSW of Camano, WA
MAP1.2 2011/10/17 08:39:02 48.144-123.070 12.38 km ( 5 mi) NNE of Sequim, WA
MAP1.4 2011/10/17 01:22:31 46.773-120.709 9.65 km ( 3 mi) N of Naches, WA
MAP1.5 2011/10/16 22:17:16 46.195-122.183 0.91 km ( 0 mi) SSW of Mount St. Helens Volcano, WA
MAP2.1 2011/10/16 08:51:30 46.748-121.920 9.68 km ( 5 mi) E of Ashford, WA
MAP1.3 2011/10/16 03:20:24 47.886-124.804 31.032 km ( 20 mi) WSW of Forks, WA
MAP1.6 2011/10/15 13:32:56 45.166-122.612 20.43 km ( 2 mi) NW of Molalla, OR
MAP1.0 2011/10/14 23:52:40 46.746-121.896 11.89 km ( 6 mi) E of Ashford, WA
MAP2.9 2011/10/14 23:29:12 46.854-121.754 2.023 km ( 14 mi) ENE of Ashford, WA
MAP3.4 2011/10/14 22:25:16 46.756-121.919 12.0 8 km ( 5 mi) E of Ashford, WA
MAP1.7 2011/10/14 19:40:23 48.176-121.320 10.223 km ( 14 mi) ESE of Darrington, WA
MAP1.1 2011/10/14 17:44:36 48.334-121.849 0.09 km ( 5 mi) NE of Oso, WA
MAP1.9 2011/10/14 04:35:33 46.160-120.451 16.521 km ( 13 mi) NNW of Bickleton, WA
MAP1.9 2011/10/14 04:29:12 46.170-120.468 16.522 km ( 14 mi) NNW of Bickleton, WA
MAP5.3 2011/10/13 04:13:59 43.440-127.155 10.3225 km (140 mi) W of Bandon, OR
MAP1.8 2011/10/11 22:26:11 46.330-122.237 5.315 km ( 9 mi) NNW of Mount St. Helens Volcano, WA
MAP1.2 2011/10/11 18:02:10 46.539-121.845 9.127 km ( 17 mi) SSE of Ashford, WA

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