Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kaine Horman, Terri Horman and Desiree Horman-Young's actions after Kyron Disappeared

Many of the truth haters have repeatedly stated that Terri is guilty (but of what?) because their [gut] feelings told them she is.  They say she either disappeared Kyron or killed him because she hated him.  They claim her actions after his disappearance was "not normal" yet they ignore the facts.

1.  Terri Horman was the one who had the original Kyron missing fliers printed and posted via her Facebook acquaintances and friends.

2.  Terri did not "lawyer up" for a month - not until the failed murder for hire sting.  Up until then, she fully cooperated (according to Multnomah County Sheriff as well as Kaine and Desiree)

3. Terri has never said anything - not one word - publicly.  Everything she allegedly said was second, third, fourth, and even fifth hand --- rumors and speculation.

4.  Desiree was blaming Terri from the moment she heard Kyron was missing.  Even before the sheriff stated it was a criminal investigation and even before they realized Kyron had not just wandered off.

5.  Many of the truth haters make something about it because Terri allegedly colored her hair and went to the gym shortly after Kyron vanished.  They ignore the fact that Kaine went to the gym with Terri and Desiree had a complete makeover before the dog-and-pony show media briefing where Oregonlive and Willamette Weekly were kicked out because they were not "team players"

6.  Kaine Horman contacted his employer's attorneys (Intel) the day after Kyron vanished and before anyone realized Kyron had not wandered off.  Why did Kaine see the need to contact his employers attorneys especially that early on?  He seemed to know before anyone else that Kyron had not wandered off.  He also knew that Kyron disappeared before 9:30 AM which was before roll was even taken for the morning.  How did he know this?  (see: Kaine Horman's Intel Memo )

7.  Kaine and Desiree (Kyrons birth parents)  refused to search even though they stated they were given evidence that Kyron was around Skyline school.  Thyey even refused to search over this summer.  Kaine thought it was more important to raise money "in the name of Kyron" than to actually search for his son or even increase the reward money.  They claimed they "were afraid of getting lost or "were not search experts" yet Yashanee Vaughn's friends and family, who were not search experts, were allowed to search for her and they knew they were looking for a body.

8.  No evidence that law enforcement gave Kaine or Desiree any information yet the truth haters lapped up every word like it was fact straight from law enforcement.

9.  Desiree is more interested in spewing hate than actually finding out what happened to Kyron and where he is.  Not once has she asked the alleged accomplice she claims was responsible to bring Kyron back.  Anyone else who thought their husband's ex wife stashed their child would have been begging the accomplice to return their child instead of repeatedly going before a national audience and pointing the finger at the "wicked step mother".

10.  Both Kaine and Desiree vacillated between Kyron being brutally murdered by Terri to Terri having stashed Kyron with countless numbers of accomplices.  The have both stated law enforcement gave them evidence that they knew where to search [for a body] and then the next media circus they stated Kyron was still alive.  They threw out everything they could think of to see what stuck - and their sock puppets believed every contradictory statement.

11.  Neither Kaine nor Desiree were interested in posting fliers when Kyron vanished yet Terri organized the printing and posting of them all around Portland.  Why did the birth parents refuse to take part?


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