Friday, October 14, 2011

Gilad Shalit's release

Like many who love Israel, I was upset when the palestinian terrorists kidnapped Gilad Shalit from his barracks while serving in the IDF five years ago (at age 19)   The agreement was announced this week that Israel will trade 1,027 palestinian terrorist prisoners for Gilad's release.

While I appreciate Israel doing everything to get their prisoners back, I also realize it give the message to the terrorists that kidnapping pays and fear other Israelis will be kidnapped to gain the release of other palestinian terrorist prisoners.

Currently it is reported Gilad will be or is in Egypt and half of the palestinia terrorist prisoners will be exchanged with him this next week and the other half will be released in two months.1

I have much more to say on this although I will hold off until Giad is safely home in Israel with his parents.  I will say I believe Gilad Shalit's imprisonment was the only obstacle that was preventing the prophecies in Obadiah coming to pass.  Now that the obstacle is removed . . .


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