Friday, October 14, 2011

Canary Islands volcano eruption imminent. Will it cause a tsunami in the U.S. ?

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There have been thousands of earthquakes in the Canary islands since july.  The risk of one of the volcanoes erupting and causing a major tsunami after the resulting land slide has been discussed for years.  While the volcano that is preparing to erupt is not the one they feared to cause the tsunami, an increase in seismic activity could mean many of the volcanoes could erupt.  The volcano currently preparing to erupt is on Hierro island while the volcano in question that is believe may cause the tsunami is La Palma.1

Parts of the Canary Islands have been on yellow alert and people have been told to evacuate.  While some of the seismic activity has decreased since an under sea eruption the past couple of days, the risk is still there.

Other volcanoes are continuing to smoke and prepare for eruptions.  There are volcanoes in Iceland and Alaska that are showing signs of eruption.  If they both erupt at the same time, it may end up stopping air travel between north america and europe and asia.

There are also other volcanoes asd well as calderas showing signs of life:  Indonesia as well as Yellowstone would be among tghe largest.  There are also signs of volcanic activity increasing in Italy and Mexico.

The question still is:  Will comet Elenin affect the earth as it crosses the earth's orbit this next week?



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