Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kaine and Terri Horman divorce delayed; Terri gains visitation with daughter Kiara

Once again, the juge in the Kaine and Terri Horman divorce case has refused to allow the end run around the law by Multnomah County and Kaine Horman in trying to force Terri Horman to confess to something she did not do.  Most of the truth haters conveniently forget that Terri Horman cooperated right up until the failed murder for hire sting attempt by the Barney Fife Multnomah County Sheriff department.  They also believe everything, even conflicting statements, told to them by Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young.

The media did not even mention the divorce hearing until after it happened - and only Fox (KPTV) has the story so far.  It also failed to mention that Terri Horman has visitation with daughter Kiara.  Lkely because Kaine Horman failed to "leak" that information to them.

In the mean time, Kaine continues to hold regular fund raisers for the Kaine Horman foundation.  Yet the reward fund has not increased nor has any of the money been spent on searching for Kyron Horman.   Of course this is because Kyron Horman is a victim of a parental kidnapping by his biological father.  Kaine is between a rock and a hard place:  He will not reappear Kyron until after the divorce from Terri is final but the judge will not allow the divorce proceedings to continue until after Kyron is found and the perpetrator arrested.

Why is it that the truth haters believe the information fed to them from Desiree Horman Young and Kaine Horman is actually from something law enforcement told them?  Just because they were told it was?   Law enforcement has not confirmed that anything either Kaine or desiree said was from them.  In fact, when they have said something, they contradicted what Kaine and Desiree said.

Kaine Horman is keeping quiet because of the gag order he is under plus he does not want people to know Terri Horman has regained visitation with daughter Kiara (and possibly even partial custody)  If Kaine told his media (and other) sock puppets that Terri was seeing Kiara, then his and Desiree's finger pointing towards Terri would look as ignorant and malicious as it is.

How much would a current picture of Terri Horman and daughter Kiara be worth?  Of course if I was to post one, all the truth haters would claim it was photoshopped.


  1. terri-bots think you're a hack and a fraud anyhow so where's the harm in throwing a little gasoline at them ???
    I say show the picture and let the rest of us normal folks take it for what it's worth.
    personally - I would love to see the media get railroaded for pimping themselves out in the name of Kyron Horman.

  2. As long as they continue to believe that Dr. Pickle and I are the same person, the freer Dr. Pickle is to investigate without anyone suspecting they are being investigated. It's amazing how much facts can be gleaned by speaking with the right people without them knowing what they are giving up.

  3. Linda -
    are you responding as the blog owner in response to my post or am I reading too much into the ambiguity of your post ?? if that even makes sense...WTF...LOL.
    I have some rather unique theories about all this as well. are you on FB?
    that is really the only privete messaging platform I am familiar with.
    If you're the blog owner you pobably have the capacity to find me anyhow but out of courtesy I thought I'd at least invite you into personal discussions on the Kyron Conspiracy.
    I am registered under the same name with blogger - Stoned Immaculate - if that helps any...

  4. I'm so glad that Terri has gained visitation. But how do you know this?


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