Saturday, October 15, 2011

The alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington DC

The United State's claims that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) hired Mexican gangsters to assassinate Saudi's ambassador to the United States, yet the details of this alleged plot are suspicious.   The IRGC makes sure its actions can never be traced to Iran yet in this alleged plot, they used a known IRGC bank account to pay the Mexican gangsters.  This is unlike them.  If they were behind the assassination plot, nobody would have been able to figure it out (at least not any time soon)

If the IRGC was behind this, they never would have used any bank account linked to them to pay any of the participants in the alleged plot.  Yet this is the version of the plot that the United States government has committed to and has described these events in court.

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have been wanting the UN or US to attack Iran because they are afraid Iran is trying to orchestrate Arab Spring uprisings in their countries.  There are also those who are afraid of Iran's nuclear weapons program who want those programs destroyed.

So if this assassination plot actually existed, who was behind it?  Or was it a false flag to given any number of countries and excuse to go after Iran?  Or was it a real assassination plot and the United States government made up unbelievable details to fictionalize the plot so they can justify taking no action against Iran?  One thing for sure:  If this is a made up plot by a government that wanted to go after Iran, they would have made it more believable than the U.S. government version.

Iran needs to be stopped before their nuclear weapons places the world in danger.  Yet it seems the United States is trying to do everything to not come to the aid to its allies who are in danger from Iranian nuclear weapons.

One thing is clear - the truth is being hidden from the people.

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